4,000,000 MUT Coins for Sale (Madden 20 PS4)

4,000,000 MUT Coins for Sale (Madden 20 PS4)

Throwing out a hail mary here since I’ve been on this site for awhile so I know I can trust the vouches here. I have 4,000,000 MUT coins for sale, PS4, Madden 20. I will do all 4,000,000 for $200. I want this all done in one transaction, please do not ask to buy just part; I want it all gone. I have sold MT on this site before for 2K19 (I did not purchase 2k20) and can provide rep if I need to.

Paypal F&F only, buyer goes first.

I understand this is a 2K site, so if anyone has any advice on another good, trustworthy place to sell MUT coins, I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance!

i know you said don’t ask and i do apoligize for it,
but if you’re having trouble unloading i’ll take a millie for 50bucks.