4-0 and scared

4-0 again with my God squad and contemplating paying someone MT to finish off these next 8. I can go 7 or 8-0 on the regular but usually choke. I’m from H-Town and need that Hakeem. Right now I’m running the MUG method with
PD Magic-new PD Harden (fire)-PD Pierce-PD Giannis-PD KAJ with PD Hill as my 6th man and the rest are bronze players.
Might just wait until the weekend and pay the $40 for someone to do it. I’m definitely getting better, just not 12-0 good yet.

me laughing at rich folks problems


I’m a grown up with a full time job and a house full of kids, when I fuck around on 2K I wanna flex with a good squad. Me laughing at people who comment negative shit when they don’t know a piece, part or a hamstring about anything…far from a problem


With that team, you should be able to get it, even with the cheese you have some dominant players to counter it

Like I said I get close, not on that level, don’t have a gang of time to dedicate to getting better


Same here. I have really limited time to play with work and kids at home, so I usually spend my time working the auction house/ripping a few packs, or playing various offline modes and challenges. I’ve literally only played one game of unlimited which was to unlock the auction house. I won (required at the time) but it was not fun, and I can’t imagine the agony of grinding for 12-0. Reminds me of playing for Diamond shoes in 2k17 which was a nightmare. I’ll have to give it a try for Dr. J but not looking forward to it.


Also, if the trend continues as it has with supermax in 2k18 and POM players so far this year, the fruits of your labor in online play are usually outclassed immediately by pullable or collection reward players that get released. How many people are still using Finley, Issel, or LJ?

I still use finley on the bench

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chill bruh, its called sarcasm

Don’t be scared. 10-1 / 9-1 / 9-1 / 4-0 here, i’ll use joypad with my toe next run, maybe i turn the tide.

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I still use lj

what part of houston? Hakeem was a must have for my H-town all time. Clyde not so much lol

Grew up in Little Mexico off 59 & Tidwell, ended up getting stuck with a latina and we got a crib off the Beltway and Hwy 90.

Issel will be my backup PF until the end

Just run a 10 man squad and have fun. You win you win, you lose you lose.


stuCk huhlmao

Nah winning is the only fun, these cats dont take a loss like they would a win. A win relieves them of frustration and a loss fuels their hatred to the game and players.

Should be a win is celebratory and a loss is a learning lesson, even if this game is half broken.

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Ill do it …

LJ is actually a beast. Quick deadly three ball…really strong and finishes well.

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