3rd weekly challenge make 8 free throws?!

How do you do this lol?

Lol. I drove to the basket the entire game. The first quarter I made 6 fts. I kid you not, they didn’t foul me again until 32 secs left in the 4th. On the road also.


If all else fails, keep the game close and let them foul you

great idea

It’s on pro, it’s kind of hard to keep it close. Unless you just flopped every play and let them score

im literally fouling them every possesion

Dem sliders


Yeah I just relax on D. Or sometimes I just intentionally foul them in the fourth quarter to keep the score close enough for them to foul me lol


If I want them to foul on the fourth I typically waste all my timeouts and take techs until they’re 8 or 6 points only behind


Just did it barely, my guys went 8/8 as well. That one sucked

5 steals now? Shouldn’t be too bad :slight_smile:

True story: I didn’t get fouled (of any sort) WHATSOEVER until about two minutes left in the 4th. Even by playing bad, I was up by at least 20 and had to start intentionally fouling every possession at that point to get them close enough to start intentionally fouling me… I had dudes fouling out, if that gives you any idea lol. Anyways, moral of the story is I beat the challenge by hacking the shit out of the other team (Suns? I can’t remember) in the 4th.

The steal challenge sucked too lol… I tried to get the steals naturally by playing some hard ass, physical D, but they had some imaginary 99 Ball Protection stat going on. I think I had 1 steal without reaching until, again the 4th, I had to start spamming square. I racked up foul after foul, but finally got the 5th steal. I hate these “downplay your skills to get some silly stat while we nerf you, even though you can easily just beat this stupid bronze team on pro by 55 points” challenges.


Steals was easy for me, but that was funny :slight_smile:

I got it pretty evenly throughout the game and then got fouled at the end keeping it close

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You guys know if the schedule challenges have any requirements later on?

i just finished the timberwolves and you need t-wolves players, it goes up every game, in the end you need like 8 i think. this schedule challenges is big waste of time, the last game was 6min quarter! it will be much much better to grind TT

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when do you get the free agent cards?

u can see wher u get them if you scroll around the challenges

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If you are trying for Giannas, definitely a good idea. An extra 60 cards could help a lot

yea keep the game close and they will foul you in the end

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Good thing I scooped about 20 pick pocket badges under 400mt earlier in the release. Sounds like they might be useful