3k tokens question

“Complete the entire throwback collection” …do I just have to collect them all or do I have to lock them? Thanks

Lock it in

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Carlo what’s ur squad?

62 Tokens away from Mj

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Soooo toxic

Wow. I think I made just about a million selling off like half my Throwbacks.

That’s a lotta scrilla.

youre too late lol

I’m probably going to run out of patience/motivation before I can actually sell off all my hoard of bullshit cards.

I’m honestly wondering if those East/West throwback superpacks might be a goldmine. Are they still in the pack market?

Yeah they expensive tho

What do u do to grind tokens? Just TTO?

Offline unless triple threat online boards are boosted.

You gotta lock it in??? Wtf. I’m out this bitch if that’s true lol. I was about to go in

No base 11? You changed over the summer Carlo

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yea im doing one last ride with mrs V and opening those packs for the 3k tokens

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I still use petit but there just better players. Opal Hedo with his base 11 would’ve been my starter till the end.


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Weak sauce

Imma go in regardless hoping there’s Anni 3 superpacks. If not then I’m screwed I’m not paying a mil for pg.

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