3k token mindset, has it changed since mj has come out?

Ive been driven away from locking the 3 anniversary sets for tokens now. This mj has pretty much made 3 of the opal rewards obsolete. Anyone else given up on it now? I doubt we have a opal token reward better then what they will release in packs

Yes they killed the token market

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Still on my grind to worthy. Would love some help with 12-0 method

At 365 tokens atm. Not gonna even attempt for 3k tokens

3000 was nvr the goal thats too much mt lockeed

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Yup. Not even motivated anymore since all the token rewards pale in comparison to MJ.

exactly what i’m thinking

i’m at 700 tokens, was going to take iverson — now i’ll just wait, or maybe take ai anyways

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Big time! And im unsure what they could release in the market if they updated it.

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Yeah I don’t really understand 2ks thinking ( sales must’ve been really really bad)

Opals were exclusive to collections/TOKENS

Now that they are in packs there’s no point in wasting time grinding for tokens

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Now that the token market is killed, expect opal anniversary cards

Its sad tho, when they say they wont release opals in the auctions and then bam! Luckily i didnt grind them that hard but for those doing the right thing as part of the goals and get screwed over.


Should I even keep grinding for worthy? I’m 10 tokens away from. The halfway mark

Worthy is still great, i would do it slowly tho. Dont waste hours for it. Im going to get ewing still for my 90s team lol

Yup they killed the people who played offline tt , no point in weeklies, people will get the rewards in mtu and slowly get bored and only hop on to rip for the new opal

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Fax the real goal is getting that all 99 galaxy opal shaq

Just like they did with blake, release malone then jamison. With shaq it be kareem, hakeem and probably a base 11 cousins lol

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I’m already too deep. Four more anni cards and I’ll have that 3K


Yeah selling them all off, want a shot at a limited MJ/Kobe/Tmac if they going the ultra exclusive route

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I don’t think they said they wouldn’t have GOs in packs, Ronnie just said it wasn’t something they had planned on at that point

I’m in no man’s land now. Token players don’t seem worth it.

I was going for 3000 tokens as I have the 19 collection finished, anni 2 locked, both anni 3 cards, and most of anni 1 (except mj who is now so much cheaper), but I only have about 1/3 of the historic collection. I have 1750 cards and 3 million MT, but apart from the historics I’m missing heat check, so I don’t have enough MT to get to Giannis.

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