350K upgrade

Currently sitting on 350k. lineup below, thoughts or advice?

Upgrade Pippen to PD and bring Kawhi off the bench.

Upgrade to ASG magic. Pippen for sure. Pg to PD version or Bron if it’s possible.

Definitely along my same ideas, trying to get PD Pippen for a good price. PD PG seems a little overpriced for me right now but Im hoping to get him sooner rather than later.

Get AK since hes the best non Opal in the game & replace anybody 1-3 in your lineup.

Sell Penny and get a Center… move Clyde to the 1 and slide everyone else over

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Kobe or AD

Not even close to AK47. Probably a no go for me sadly.

Definitely looking at that.

Just upgraded to PD Pippen for 110k. Not bad


That’s a steal man. His price is going back up. He’s a beast.

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Upgrade magic, sell Gilmore, move magic to center,
Move hedo to Pg. boom you unlimited ready :blush:

Hedo is getting sold! Lol

Don’t let them make you sell Penny! Still my back up even with other options. If you can master his release, he’s as good as any PG. Plus, size counts and he’s a real PG.

Definitely not selling penny, he’s very similar to Magic for me and he’s very good! Plus he’s one of my favorite players

Bid on it with 15 minutes left and nobody matched : didn’t expect it

Saving lineup om daily first why using that pg over 97 op steal pg that lowkey trigger me but
Sell magic sell artis no 3pt center useless for big z… move clyde pg buy Booker sell Josh Smith get hedo sell penny and run tatum at pg sell pippen for kuz

Clyde pg kawhi bird big z
Tatum booker kuz Josh smith
Dang need a center ughhh porzingis
Insant w