350 Tokens Shy of DRob - Fastest Way To Get Rest?

350 Tokens Shy of DRob - Fastest Way To Get Rest?

So yesterday I decided I wanted to go for DRob, but I was only 3 diamond cards into the rewards and was sitting on 150 tokens.

From yesterday and today I went from 500 something cards to 1300. I locked in all current 2020 Sets and all HC sets, plus the current Moments set. All Dominations have been completed and I got the 200 token bonus from hitting 1200 cards or whatever it is.

I’m thinking of going for 1750 cards (about 350 away now) and going for the 300 token bonus, but that’s gonna cost a lot of MT.

I hope DRobs worth it lol

Finish TTOffline and u there


My situation is, locked 24 Current sets, Finish Dom+TTOffline, Hit 1250 cards collection, already got DRob and now 300 away from GHill, so I assume u havent done those 1000 wins

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Yeah I’m only 75 games into the TTOffline mode. Time to grind out these tokens this week then. Be nice to have a classic Spurs twin towers lineup so early in the year.

Is he far and ahead of every other big you’ve used so far?

I’m in a similar situation. I did Domination, all current and HC sets, hit 1,750 collector level, but only like 300 games into triple threat. I got DRob a couple days ago and finishing triple threat will get me another Opal (plus Dominique of course).

Lets say DRob will not be obsolete until May 2020.
TTOffline reward you 775 tokens on total, not to mention those which rewarding you through vault open.

As long as you finish all the challenges and maybe lock another one legacy set i pretty much sure you get all 3 Opal reward mate

Those legacies are expensive though. I don’t know if I’d be interested in Penny anyways. Hill definitely looks good but I wanna see who they add before I make a choice.

I just got the admiral this past weekend. Hitting the 1750 collector level was key. We are in the midst of a decent crash right now so if you have MT, that would be the most painless way to do it and if you are buying low, can possibly make profit selling back.

Otherwise, grind out TTOffline or try your luck at TTOnline. I got 28 tokens playing online for 1.5 hours yday on top of some packs and MT.

I locked every current, hc, Wade, and legacy 1 and I wouldn’t change a thing.


I’m thinking of gobbling up every card that I don’t have that’s under 3k MT tomorrow and trying to hit that 1750 collector reward. Locking the early spotlights is cheaper than the sets with Tim Duncan and them and I get more cards.

I have like 700k mt left to blow on cards. Whatever other tokens I need I’ll just cheese the CPU on TTOffline.

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I love D Rob but he’s not worth the millions of mt i spent to get him although he will be my center for as long as i can imagine

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I feel like I must’ve done this the cheapest possible route, which involves grinding tokens from TTOnline/MTU as I still have about 500 available to me in the miserable TTOffline grind.

D-Rob only cost me around 500k MT in total (locking the 20 collection and 2 HCs), and I only needed to get to 1250 collector level for the extra 200 tokens there.

The key for me was finishing Domination for all the tokens available there, and clearing TTOnline boards can really stack up the tokens.

Quickest way to get them tokens is to buy 800kmt from a trusted site or person and complete legacy series 1 and 2.


I am 63 tokens shy of D Rob, locked current and HC, and the 1st legacy set, hit 1750 collection, completed current and historic dom. Still missing 2 “5-team sets” and the final 3 on All dom (that would be additional 150 tokens or so) and only at 230 TTOff.

Oh, and 5 weekly yet to complete.

My main issue is that a second Opal (which would be Hill ofc) will require grinding TTOff, which I personally find terribly boring (and very long: even completing 10 games per hour, which is a chore, it would take me 80 hours. I will probably rather lock Legacy II and other series.

20 tokens away)) need to play some weeks challenge or 1 unlim streak. 0 dominations 0 tto. lock current, heatchek, 2legacy, moments and 3 spotlight… offline is so boring

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81 tokens away now. 1760 something cards now from 500 ish yesterday morning. I’m locking the set with Mikan for those 200 tokens and just gonna play TTOnline and MTU after with DRob and some Amy’s and Diamonds for a while. Burnt out as hell.

Halo just dropped, I’m thinking of playing that until I get my energy/will back lol

I’m knocking on the door only 800 away

He’s home

Also it’s BS that these token reward Opals need contracts. You can’t auction them and they’re a pain in the ass to get.

Diamond contracts still dirt cheap though. Just buy one and put it on him.