300k on packs

Couldn’t resist as I’ve only pulled 1 GO

Think this is a W


Nice, congrats!

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Combined price of those 2 right now, is around 800-900k. Pretty big W.

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Congrats both great pulls!

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Another 4 and my fav card in the game


Nice save that MT though for next week :joy: those goat packs might not be just VC

Still have 3.5 million

Lol my bad didn’t know you had that much :joy:

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Been lucky always seem to sell big players before they crash in price

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Wait word? I sniped both

Wait is BI really that expensive ?

Brandon Ingram is BIN Guys…

75k lol

I was talking about AD and Simmons, lol

Oh ok

I spent 300k mt on packs between today and yesterday.
My best pulls:
1 Ben Simmons
2 James harden
1 Luka donic
All the rest were bin opals

Now that I pulled a top 3 im just gonna buy kawhi outright. So I guess I was semi successful?

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You definitely made more than 300k selling those guys

I kept 1 harden and ben simmons

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