300k enough to build a competitive roster?

I’m thinking of running my main squad and a secondary so I don’t get bored. This will allow me to try new budget beasts and have fun taking down god squads once in a while.

If you had 300k what players are “musts”?

oden, drob, kawhi, thurl bailey, bamba, josh smith, amy butler

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Also Pippen

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don’t know how i forgot him :joy:

Sweet I have drob, thurl and bamba so far. amy butler over his diamond?

You must own a time machine with Diamond Butler

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Di oscar / Anniversary Magic 60k
Di Kawhi 35k
Amy Butler 30k
Ruby Bailey 4k
Drob 50k

Starters : 174k

Di oscar / Magic 60k
Ruby Rewards Eddie Jones / Larry Hughes 5k
Ruby Darius Miles 7k
Ruby Al Harrinton 5k
Marc gasol 40k