300k and I want a stud superstar with role players surrounding

Would like to keep most of what I have looking for a superstar 300k

PD Durant and PD harden for 250k total

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Diamond Lebron and PD Durant

Durant is seriously that cheap?

I was gonna say diamond MJ & move Scottie to the starting 5, then have Diamond LeBron run your bench 5. You’d still have 100K left over, though… My diamond MJ w/inf. shoe & contract sold this morning for 100k flat.

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He’s that cheap. And worth it

I kept looking at Durant and wanting to pull the trigger might just do it. Diamond Jordan been staring me in the face though. Then the obvious pd Simmons craze and the new dwade/harden are intriguing too. Would cop PD Bird in a heartbeat if he was in my price range or on the market.

Wait how much on XB1?

He’s on PS4

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I saw him going for 175 with shoe and contract and under 150 otherwise yesterday on xbox

Make this team.

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What chris said but slide Pippen to the 3 and bring in diamond Joe Johnson at the 2 for the duo with Smith. That duo is nasty!

So I feel like I need to use d rose and Lou because they’re both unsellable. One might end up being my 11th. I also already had the AS Lebron so I wouldn’t wanna use a downgraded version of him. I like the Barry pick up though for the wilt duo. Ben Simmons might be my big pickup but really looking at KD and diamond Jordan. Maybe new pd wade?

Get diamond kawhi and diamond Wiggins, then add pieces like Bruce Bowen, Danny green, Klay Thompson, 3&D guys, that’s who I have around my drose

Not big enough adds both great players but I wanna spend most of the chunk on one player and have not diamond role players unless they’re already in my current lineup

So you want a number 1 or 2 to complement rose?

So at
1 (rose to bench Lou to 11th man) pd Simmons, diamond or pd magic, Heat lebron, pd wade pd kyrie
2 pd tmac pd wade pd harden diamond Kobe diamond jordan
3 heat lebron pd Durant pd Simmons pd Melo
4 Pd AD
5 Pd KAT

Those are the options I’ve contemplated open to other ones and wouldn’t mind locking in a set like KG or Giannis if I have enough even if it is sunk money

Its best if you just dont use Rose and Lou. I know you cant sell them but theyre just not that good tbh. Both defensive liabilities and just arent anything out of the ordinary on offense. Simmons is game changing. Id strongly suggest him over KD. And amy PG13 will arguably do just as much as a KD because they will both be offball. Id strongly suggest against the MJ too. Big name but just doesnt translate well in this years game. The lebron i agree upgrade to a better one. I just wasnt entirely sure if you would have enough for a 97 or 98. 98 would be best because of the hof dimer especially at the PG. For 300k you might have to pass on diamond AD to get a better Lebron.

Giannis is the best card in the game, and the set contains Butler and Embiid who are both very solid players. May consider that if you can afford and dont mind sunk MT.

Otherwise, any combo of KD (98 or 99), Lebron (98 or 99), Simmons (98 or 99) should be your foundational pieces, and just get shooters around them.

97 lebron with grey Kobe shoe or the 98 with the same shoe

Can play 1 thru 4

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Id say use this lineup if you want a better lebron. You might be able to get the diamond AK-47 for starting PF and push issac to back up SF, Pippen to SG and give Dr.J the boot. Just let lebron and simmons do all the work. Use Wilt and Boogie in pnr/pnp with them, space the floor with the rest of the player (good shooters, great defenders) and outright dominate everyone you play.

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