300 K for limited gilbert

with diamond contract and shoe

L or W guys ? on xbox

I was like yeah fuck it i need to try this card even if he is small asf. Look to beastly to me


W enjoy him

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Massive dub

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any badge i should add him ? look like he got already everything

he doesnt have tireless scorer, surprisingly


I added lob finisher for the hell of it too

First TTO game :

The guy just posterize PD blake, his release is insane damnn… he look like the best offensive card out here. If this guy was 6.6 + the game was already over.

Let’s hope i can hide him at the 2 in defence

just played a tto game and pulled up from the hash in magics face lol

Wow is he that low now?

He from Xbox not Ps4 console

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Okay bro is he still 400-500 in Ps4?
Mine is about to be sold in 3-4hours.

Limited Arenas with contract and Grey Jordans
Fully Badged

thats a bad time to end

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It’s 7:30 at night on Asia.
I saw one end at 530K yesterday.

Are you in US and PS4?
Kindly check if you can see my card.
Only if you have time.

I’m from east Asia but want to cop a limited one for 300k on PS4

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I think you can see my card.
I’m from philippines how bout you?

Y’all see his price going down anytime soon? Maybe when a curry or Durant hit pd or?

When a curry comes he’ll drop in price yeah he’s the most curry type player out rn besides diamond curry himself lol

Not sure if his ability will make me better or worse… love hitting klay and hedo with bullet passes…

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That’s a Black Friday’s sale.
It’s one of the most gamechangig cards available now, maybe even the best one.

I Dont see even PD curry get better than this to be honest. Like he got the best release in the game, and can even Dunk on ppl.

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