30 for 30: Rodman

anyone else seen this? 30 for 30s are always well done but man this ones a masterpiece. i had no idea rodman was from dallas tx.


Absolutely loved it. Knew it was gonna be a sad story knowing a bit about his life.

But man, even the stuff I knew was coming just broke my heart. I really love Dennis Rodman.


Where can we watch this? He is my all time favourite player … THE WORM!! His vid for the hof gives me goosebumps everytime… Those words by mourning …

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Netflix couple years ago had the 30 for 30 series… too bad they lost the rights.

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if you have a tv subscription you can login at espn and watch it thru the app or website. i just typed in rodman in the search after logging in.

Such a misunderstood person


Don’t have that, other ways?

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i’m looking for it online as well

tried finding a link but doesnt appear to be one yet. not seeing it on torrent sites either. its fairly new so id imagine itll pop up within a wk.

When someone finds this, pls post a link her :blush:

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ill keep an eye out

Appreciate it!

I hope so deeply that they give us a usable rodman this year, like in 2k17

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if shaq can get an 85 3 pt shot rodman should be a lock for mid 70s 3 :skull:

I really enjoyed watching it !

Crazy what he’s gone through, the guy is a true underdog, and tormented soul


Shaq with 85 is such bs, but rodman with a low 70s 3 in a fantasy mode is not that over the top, if he would have wanted that irl, he could have been a small threat from 3

One of the best 30 for 30s imo. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


They obviously left out the Spurs part because it wouldn’t fit the narrative.
Rodman was the sole reason why that team didn’t make the finals in '95.

I lost all respect for him after the North Korea shit

I think it’s more about pacing/time constraints. It fit the narrative of his lowest point before joining the bulls.

They talk about him being a terrible father. I don’t think they left out the spurs stuff because it made him look bad. It was just repetitive for the point already made about that time of his life.