3 Point Specialist Ray Allen or Joe Harris?

Joe has the better release but gets KILLED on defense

Ray can create his own shot, comes with D stopper, can drive and finish but horrible release

I liked using Ray, but right away I knew that he’s not the best player to force it with. He’s better than Harris, but only if you like to use him as someone who stands in the corners/ wings and waits to be open. That’s how I used him at least.

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Joe Harris with black Lebron 15s and Coach Pop
89 on ball/98 lateral quickness

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Ray has been one of my main guys for a while. Averaging 16 pts with him

I run Kerr but I second this shoe for him. He’s not gonna be great on D no matter what you do, but man can he shoot. Love running him in TTO as well

I put the D badges on Ray and equipped him with those inexpensive black Jordan’s. It has a. Lateral quickness and SWB boost. The lat quickness boost REALLY improves his D in my opinion. And honestly, it’s not like he needs an3 pt boost shoe.

He isn’t Kawhi, but he locks down a lot of guys.

Oh, and he is a great slasher/dunker. Harris just seems so slow.

I rock D’antoni so everyone has the boost to 3 and speed.

Woudln’t change coaches for one player.

But damn Lat quickness on Joe seems nice lol

Agreed, I’ve always ran coach pop

Get Tatum, his size actually makes him a better defender than Ray, he has a silky smooth jumpshot like Harris, and great animations and slashing stats. Well worth the price

get Kiki hes so wet from 3, hes solid at the 2

They’re only gonna be bench riders for situational purposes.

They’re both around 40 to 45k no need to spend more lol