3,432 Points stop here or keep going

Don’t really care about Monroe and I’m sure I can make up the 62 points next round do I keep going or just get the MT

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Get the MT.

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Get the MT and call it a day. :slight_smile:

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I’m done with this round. The 5 outing is driving me insane. I’ll take my 8k MT :slight_smile:

Take the 8.5 k I stopped at 3475

I’m in a similar spot with 3380 points but I haven’t gotten PD before so I figure it’s a win win to go for it. If I fail, I still get the 8.5k points.

keep grinding bro, I have a feeling that Monroe will have a duo with Wes Unseld, it will bring Unseld to a 97 diamond with 3pt and Dunking all boosted… and Monroe will be a 96 diamond.

I’m in the same boat as well man but i’m current On 3087 points but i have been in and out of the diamond league since last night. Wondering if i should just try and make up for it on another round

Just continue and try to get as close to pd as possible for this round. Worst case scenario, u bounce wins and losses and finish in diamond anyway.

I really thought about continuing but I’m just getting take my mt especially since well I beat a guy in PD and only got 80 for it. Imma just hold out not really interested in pearl but still not sure if I’m really gonna go for Vince

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If you can’t take the heat get the hell out of the kitchen