2ND Token Opal who to take?

I ended up taking parker for the first and honestly im not really upset with it. I just felt like Robinsons steady shooter was kinda a bad thing for the card and although he’d be nice to have, parkers badging and stats looked good as well as one of my buddies has all 4 opals and he prefers parker(hes almost to Opal Wade Collector level and has almost 1800 tokens right now Playing NMS,meanwhile im almost to the 300 tokens one lol). Im almost at 400 Tokens rn and ill have enough very soon already since i have still 80 more games to get another 200 tokens in TT offline. It looks to me like next update is coming soon with all these token events and its almost time for another already… should i wait or pick one now? I have PD Lin and Parker so idk if i want another PG right now. Center is very lacking for me and although i wanna take robinson id rather wait for another center to come out lol

Did you just spent 750 Tokens for a card thats worse than 3k mt Billups?

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i bought him before billups came out lolol.

Gotta go Admiral. You fucked up on the first one, so take the no brainers this time. Lmao

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believe me i wish i could get back the tokens lol. i do like the card dont get me wrong but now with all these new PG’s coming out that are better its kinda disappointing…
His shots nice but idk unless i do a all time spurs lineup then idk

I have all 4.

Drob still the best in the game.
Penny still gives problems to Bron and Magic.
Parker was benched because everyone posts him when he’s in the game.
Hill is a mystery for me. I had a huge problem with his timing online first few games, now he shoots all greens for me but he isn’t worth taking at all. I think Bird is way better than him.

All in all - grab Drob and don’t look back.

Thats what i wanted to do. Then my friends keep saying oh you’ll regret it lol. Apparently he doesnt like his shot too much but idk it looks fine to me. since he lives close to me maybe i could try using his account and trying all of em first before i decide that

I have the admiral and use him in tto, his outside shot is so inconsistent, anytime I face diamonds he can’t hit the side of a barn with his shot… But he is so dominant on the defensive end and inside that I cant take him out the lineup

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thats kinda what i figured tbh

It’s pointless picking anyone now. Just wait it out.

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exactly what i was thinking. with the new opals they’ve released its pointless so far

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I’d just wait… think of it this way, these cards that just came out are all better than the opal rewards… so whatever they add next is gonna be on that level

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It could be two months from now before we get another update, but if you want to wait that’s up to you.


Lets hope. Would love to see something similar to opal worthy like last year. the next Update has to be soon right?? Its been almost a month now already(man times flying by…)

Yeah, I have another 850 tokens and I’m not picking anyone until the next drop

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true… i cant see it but if its a big update yes. Im sure most people are asking for it already because the other one wasnt all that great some cards were good

Tokens are so easy to come by, I’ve honestly just been spending mine, we know that even once 2K updates the rewards whatever cards they put in there will be outclassed in the next pack drop anyway.

Playing TTO a couple hours per day it takes about 2 weeks to get 750 tokens for me.

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yeah. my friend is saving his and hes got every card in the rewards and has over 1800 tokens or so lolol

1,750 Tokens for Perfect MJ Lebron Kobe

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Sadly I could be months it could be next week, I’m just saying as shown above billups is better than Parker and he’s 2-3k so I’d just wait and see personally bam is just as good if not better than d rob, so yeah I’d just wait it out knowing that

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