2nd My Career Trailer

2nd My Career Trailer
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Looks very good

This player builder is going to be amazing

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It looks like they tried this year. RIP B-Fresh.

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Apparently there’s a french youtuber that is playable in the My career mode, still trying to find him on trailer lol

i wish we had park news but its all good im hype

I bet money we heard something about park before we heard anything about MyTeam

lmao my shit on 8 gigs downloading fast asf

Damm, no VERONICA!!!
Its a dude now.

Damn you got some good ass wifi. I’m at 6 gbs

13 gb in now

this 114 download speed comes in handy


i heard theres like a minute left in that mycareer trailer maybe we see at the end the bus driving down that open road into the “new” hood


not sure this is before or after the leak

Streaking help rep up faster :thinking:

false alarm it was after… that was the full trailer you put in your op

really? LIT

Yeah now all the people who went to event can release info about the game