2nd ever "Old Head Thread" 30yrs & up. Lets get it

I’ll start off by saying I love using the older classic players in 2k. Schooling people with post moves is still my favorite part about the game.

Also…I cant drink whiskey/bourbon/scotch “neat”. Who does that shit? I need a splash of ginger ale or some ice cubes to get some of that bite out.

Any other random things we can discuss…married life, being a dad, 401k, IRA’s, 4.10 rear end gears, food, etc… Whatever y’all want.


Haven’t we had one before? I thought Ddrop made one last year?

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I like this

I have 3.42s in my built/boosted/sprayed 96 Impala ss , turbo didn’t like 4.11s lol

@Ddrop. Is the commissioner of the og old guy thread!

I’m old man, I forget shit. It disappeared if he did. Fixed the title

I’m turning 29 this year and don’t have any investments, IRA, or a 401k set up.

Someone please shed some light lol

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Nah that was me lol

Oh helllllll yeah. Thats the best 1970 & up looking Impala by far. Got pics??

I’m not 30, but i’m not far off. Will be watching for tips…


Grey hairs, slower metabolism, having to look for a ring before you talk to a female. Welcome to 30


impala1 phonepics013


Brah you gotta work on that whiskey / scotch game

You lose all the flavour when u add mix or ice

Thats the best part lol

And that warm feeling as it goes down

Im turning 28 so not officially part of the club. But i feel like it sometimes lol


30 is the new 20 lol


For sale? Lemme get that

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No waaaaaaay , that thing is a king sleeper lol t66 ,75 wet shot, built engine, built trans, truetrac , ls coil swap

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Have a 71 Monte Carlo also

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I had an 01 Hayabusa w a 50 dry shot. Stretched 10, dual intake cams, brocks exhaust. Ran mid 5’s in 1/8th. Someone stole it though. Bastards. This was in 08.

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And add having REAL hangovers lol

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This a my Monte 14 years ago (multiple color change paint) torn apart now have to finish the bag set up , want to ls swap it and run 22s

(Don’t judge me I was 14 years younger) lol



Oddly bikes scare me lol