2nd diamond paul george

Would like to know, i want to swap him with the 1rst paul george.

First can you feel the downgrade with contact dunk and rebound ingame ?

And he got 97 steal but his tendency are low, does he get some steal offball like iggy or what ever ?


In my opinion, they are very similar except the 2nd one has a better 3pt rating. It also depends what you play them at

Old - play at the 4 and 3.
New - play at the 2 or defend at the 1 with his high steal

yeah i know, i got the first so i play him as 4 but i want to play him at 3 now because AD s’gonna take the spot

My first moments pg is one of the best cards I’ve used this year, I would upgrade to the new one but just do’nt see the point, lower 3pt rating but he’s wet for me anyway

I use the new pg at the 3 and he is a beast: he isn’t my primary scorer, but he is a clamp god and hits a lot of 3s. However he was better when i used him at the 2 as a scorer

I copped the first as soon as he came out, even tho everybody tells me to put him on the 4 i feel like he is extremly good at the 2 still. the lack of 3p stats gets nullified by his release imo.

i wont go for the 2nd unless i can get him for 100k… i just dont feel like there is such an significant difference

Yeah i feel you, my only issue is i cant decide if i want to loose rebounds over steal. ( for me even if the 3 point stats are not the same its kinda the same in game)

So tuff one, like does he realy get steal ingame ? because the first one i can realy feed his rebounding stats

Yeah he is really good at stealing the ball for me