2k's YRNs Main Thread - NBA Fantasy

I always get hype for the season and figured I would ask the community to see if you guys wanna join. Let me know what you guys are thinking.

I’d be down, would it be a points or categories league

I’d run

Not sure yet, what would you prefer?

I am always playing yahoo one.

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join the dark side

I’ve never done a category league, so I don’t know much about it

I think overall points would be the way to go tbh

I’m down. H2H categories is the move.

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We should create a list of the people who want to play

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Would their be a buy in ???

I don’t think so

If there is any yahoo leagues im down

Id be down. ! Would be my first time. But ive been wainting to for a while

I’m down for whatever buy in. Should be bigger if it’s your primary league .

I’m down if H2H Categories Standard. Prefer Yahoo but whatever.

Id prefer yahoo too as im already in a keeper nhl yahoo league

Yall wanna make the buy in like 15 k mt or something ? Or cash?

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Why is yahoo better, I’ve only used ESPN and i don’t have a Yahoo account.