2KG's Community Top 20 Power Rankings

provide feedback on any rankings you believe should be changed; i’ll try to keep this list updated

have not used frazier, big o, shaq, kaj – especially need feedback on their rankings

impossible to remove biases & we will never come up with a top 20 that everyone agrees with, but i’ll try to make it as close to consensus as possible


Not a single PG haha. This game has abolished the position

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Melo should be at NO7

I’ve 12 of those and Magic&Zingis not included :relaxed:

Hedo pretty much half of myteam this year that card was OP.
PG13 from diamond to PD all viable cards for MTU play
Brandon roy OP card in the right hands. like will score at will and probably the best scorer in the game too

No Kobe?

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Melo and Granger score better than Kobe and have the height for defense

Jr scores better than kobe

Kobes dribbles arent too good

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Bird is top 5 or 6

Walt Fraizee and Magic are point guards


No way Hakeem is deserving to be there imo

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Drexler is definitely top 20 for me.


Oh damn missed them yes . Take it back :slight_smile:

Melos ranking needs to be higher
I’d also have Wilt above Worthy and Melo just behind Worthy and then PD Gianis next in-line although I wouldn’t be mad if Giannis was in front of Melo either

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moments giannis should be up there if we’re not counting dupes, also magic and oscar are better than frazier imo


ranked bird & melo up from 11/12 to 7/8

Drexler is not just top20, it’s top5 imo actually

Limited Kareem>Hakeem, and it aint close.

I corrected it for you. You’re welcome, guess it was an honest mistake. I forgive you.

Hakeem can shoot threes he deserves to be on there where he’s at,
Lebron imo feels like just every other small forward in his tier with Durant and pg13, those cards all feel the same and user depending can go off all equally,

Walt should be below Oscar and magic, magic is the best true point guard and even if Walt has better badges he’s still and inch shorter than Oscar and that will effect his post fade even more

Ak should be higher also, even without his hof badges he clamps on defense and in the tourney literally every single guy had him at starting pg

Moments Giannis and Ann should be 4-5 equally


So none of the 6’6 and up cry babies are online yet or why has Walts position not been disputed yet? :thinking:

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