2Kgamer services Review Page

This might get locked but whatever.

Lots of new guys offering services and new comers asking for services.

I’ve personally used @OGxSuave , @BigDan8 , @BooPainter and Another one who doesn’t advertise his service much so I won’t put his name out there.

All were great. Awesome communication, got it done fast, honest and easy to work with.

When making your reviews, do not bash some one. If you have a negative review for someone. Just say I wouldn’t use so&so and leave it at that.

Let’s try to keep guys from getting scammed and put money in the pockets of the few honest hardworking guys we have here.


idk if he still has stock but @AnsuFati did a great job


@Andrius27 for xbox 12 0 service. Very quick and reliable


@NoCoJake Thank you for the review and mention man! I’m honored to assist every customer I’ve had and will have and offer a quality trusted service to the 2KGamer community.

People have been getting scammed lately and it’s sad to see that it’s happening to good people who don’t deserve it whatsoever. @ukraine1 was my first customer and it really sucks to hear that he was scammed out of money & MT. It’s so unfortunate and I hope he gets something back. People offering services definitely need to go through a vetting process on here.