2kgamer nation stand up

I saw my pic all over multiple high profile youtubers twitter today and the big dogs were weighing in on it. It had nothing to do with with me all the credit goes to you guys for getting it out there. Although I don’t necessarily agree wit all the hate boopainter is getting over his lineup I think it’s pretty cool we have such a powerful voice on this forum


How do you not agree why he is getting hate over that lineup? Maybe it’s because you run Ben Wallace at point guard and pretty much cheese the same way?

There’s not a single player he’s playing at their legit position and he’s playing Blake at point guard. That’s shitty and makes me glad I didn’t even attempt the qualifier with players like him and you like that


Blake at PG :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Grant Hill is at sf lol


Props man. Play the game how you enjoy playing it. I don’t agree with it, but if you enjoy it, you do you.

Oh good catch lol…props to him

Atleast it’s not the usual self promoting mug nation leader, I like it

Issel is also a pf


I think I was just blinded by Blake at PG that I couldn’t see anything else lol


It’s Kent nation no longer 2knation

To me yeah its wack but it’s the game that let’s him do this. Bigger enemy here etc lol

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Seriously, most of the people I know on this site are good ballers who wants to play a basketball simulation.

Unfortunately we are like 2% of the 2K community

The other 98% are ruled by cheesers or casuals that don’t know shit about basketball a’d complain its too hard. And you can clearly check that by playing online.

How many games per week you face off with a player that variates plays, put players at realistic positions, and don’t act like ******? Practically none

All you have off now are screen cheesers, steal spammers and offballers. The level is really going down…


Maybe 1% of the opponents I face run players out of positions. However, a lot of them play off-ball and some of them full court press for the entire game. What I hate the most is zig-zagging behind the arc and trying to launch a three.

That should be punished

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Is it possible that he put Blake there to defend against Big O and not to cheese on offense?

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Even though he played Blake at pg he is still the most skilled 2k player I have ever saw. He beat me n googles both by 20 during his run to qualify n were no scrubs. He also was the MVP of the whole e league. People will focus on his cheesy lineup but it’s possible that u can be both a cheesy player n a really skilled player at the same time which makes you an absolute nightmare for your opponents.

No lol.

While thats true you’re really downgrading your skill by playing cheesy, guess its always been whateva it takes in this game for most people.


seriously blake griffin was a point guard when he was young but he grow up too quick and became a pf finally. he is not out of position anyway😆

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No he puts Blake at pg because he has an absolutely genious offinsive scheme where he switches all his matchups on D he actually puts Blake on your center in D n kristop onyour PG