2KGamer MyCareer Players

Let this be a thread to share your builds & to look for teammates for any mycareer mode.

System: XB1

Player Card:

Park Card:

Modes: 2v2, 3v3, Rec, Proam

Player Comp: Steph Curry/Chris Paul

I’ll run with anyone over 40% win if you play unselfish team ball & high IQ. Generally, I run my cousins, randoms that I have had solid runs with & added, or pure randoms. I’m available to play on weekdays after 6pm pst & random times on weekends.

Will grind my big soon to be able to run with guards.


If myteam doesnt get fixed and qualifiers are effected ill be making a player ASAP


I got a pure lock but he misses so many layups. He doesnt dunk enough either, thinking about deleting him, even though he’s a 89

never delete a player bro, you never know what buffs etc will come


I’ve made a player already a PlaySharp and I haven’t won many park games but due to the fact that I’m more into MyTeam and I haven’t fully leveled up my player.I hit 80 Overall in a week not even spending on my MyCareer player

I got a Pure lock too. If you play Rec or Pro Am you see his importance. Don’t delete him

Just hit 97, on PC.
Should have 2 more speed and accel, but I missed up the drills, haven’t finished the season yet.

6’7, 240 (yeah, 240 :upside_down_face:) sharp/slash.
Current badges:
Hof contact, relentless, fancy footwork with bronze backdown.
Hof difficult shots, deadeye, hotzone, quickdraw with silver extender and c&s.
Gold quick step, space creator and downhill with bronze unpluckable.
Silver intimidator and clamps.

An extremely fun build and does great against the “meta” and people who only know how to play one way.
I think this is the defnitive Melo build. :sunglasses: Way better than play/sharp wing.

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Player Card:


Park/Rec Card:

Ngl. Started out slow this year because of my lack of knowledge of the gameplay the first 2 weeks of the game.

Usually a Rec/Pro Am player but down to play park.


Contact dunks at 99.9

Yeah, but idk will I be able to get to 99.9.
Bigs and passers always have better teammate grades than scorers. I’ve yet to get a 99.9 grade, best I managed was 99.7 in park and 99.8 in career.

Btw, “slasher” thingy I got under my tag is the biggest tactical advantage. Everyone just sags off in park until I hit a couple of threes and then it’s too late.

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Facts lol my facilitating finisher gets the same treatment I turn off my meter and hit 4 limitless 3s in a row

Although I do have hof Range extender and 78 open 3 (82 with floor General)

Can’t wait to unlock my +4 so I can have 86

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Imo, it’s not that big of a difference, especially since these stats are some kind of artificial boost.
Your attributes when in takeover are still the same.
I still have 84 3pt in takeover with 79 base 3pt. Had 84 when base 3pt was 77. They’re hiding so much shit from us and I bet noone mentioned it anywhere.
These 95->99 boosts are useful only for animations and serve as something like permanent takeover when you’re at 99.

And they should fix these tags, tbh. A friend I run with is sharp/rim, but it says “glass-cleaning lockdown”. Then he starts greening threes like nothing. Also has mid-70s 3pt.

Damn that’s tuff well I feel like 78 vs a 82 gives me more confidence to just pull that bitch so although it may just be placebo maybe the confidence of seeing that it’s higher will make me play better I’m cool with my shooting now I hit about 60 percent and most ppl sag on me cause they scared I’m take them to the hole I’m really loving my build can’t wait to show it off when I hit 99

Down for 3s, just need a big

Will play rec with you also, I can run as an off ball SG to your playmaker

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Great idea, OP. Maybe once a few more people post in this thread you can update the first post with an index to easily find platform/position.

System: XB1
Position: C - 7’2" Paint Beast with full badges (lvl 99)
Modes: Rec/Pro-am, 3v3 Park (burned out on 2s from last year)
Player Comp: Heat Shaq
Availability: 6pm PST at earliest, but usually 10pm+.

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Yeah, I was in a similar situation last year.
Had 78 until I hit 96 overall, then it jumped to 81.

I just bump c&s to gold or hof for rec if I feel like I’m not hitting everything I should.
Not a big fan of range extender, silver is plenty for like 2 steps behind the line. Any further and it’s chucking range in my book. :rofl:
I thought I wouldn’t need hof quickdraw, but I just can’t go back to silver. Shit’s op.

im one of those dudes that cant handle a super fast release so i have jumper 38 on silver quickdraw lol one of the biggest ws is being able to change your badges i hope they keep that option forever


I’ve been using Melo since day1, with hof quickdraw it’s perfect.

Yeah, changing badges is the best thing. I can adjust between being a scorer or just a spot up shooter or between perimeter and interior defense.
If I’m at the 4 I take box and rebound chaser.

He plays better in Rec I noticed, but I cant play park with my friends without being called trash smh

Then your friends don’t know shit about basketball, even virtual one.

If utilized properly, lock can single handedly ruin other team’s gameplan.