2KGamer Fantasy Basketball League 22/23

Well…Here we are.

YAHOO BASED LEAGUE (Yeahhhhhh change up time. Fuck ESPN, haha)

NBA Fantasy is BACK. 9 category H2H league looking to get at least same numbers as last year. 16 teams, preferably up to 20. All of last years players are invited, and after that we will look externally to fill out the league.


1st place 400k MT. Second place 200k MT. 3rd place 100k MT.

1st place also gets exclusive 2kg forum badge as currently worn by our reigning champion @Okcthunder123

@Okcthunder123 @Dylzy05 @Grandmama @Cram @jamesh @zBliinKs @JDRFLIP @ND13 @1477 @StrikerViking @harpyeagle72 @delusionalbullsfan @Kingcash08 @saintgria @sundubone

Please reach out to me privately or comment down here if you’re keen to join! Please only sign up if you’re willing and able to be engaged throughout the season. This is an active league, so no space for people who will disappear 3 weeks in.

Draft will be either October 8th or 15th with the season kicking off on the 18th.


im down to do it again, lots of fun last year and hopefully i can do better than last year (that wont be hard)

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Yep in for sure! Thanks for taking the lead again @trala7


I’m in if it will be on Yahoo!


Hell yes.


I’ve not used yahoo before. Why is it better?

I think espn is better as I like the set up more, yahoo is probably better run though, I would probably check it out before the draft

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In fairness the app is slightly less intuitive on Yahoo but everything else wayyyy better. Better draft system, better rankings, settings and all that. Can go with what majority want but having used both, I prefer Yahoo

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I’m always open to something new. Last season’s league was the only time I’ve played so have nothing to compare it to. I liked it but also don’t know what I’m missing etc

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can we do it on the 8th?

Yooooo im in
I prefer espn cuz then I can be on during school


fuck forgot that, yeh i would definitely prefer it on espn

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:rofl: fair enough. No yahoo at school?

If most people want ESPN we will roll with that :slight_smile:


Yeh it’s blocked at my school lol

Looks like I can simply reactivate the old league. Will do that to at least notify people we are coming back.


Yes sir I missed y’all boys I’m def in


Have reactivated the ESPN league. Hopefully that sends out an email to all members from last year.

Will work off that and replace people if they drop out.


I’m out so feel free to replace my team.

Excited to be back.


How many have we got @trala7