2kgamer 20 man fantasy basketball league, 3rd year in a row (with prizes)

There we go again guys!

ESPN based league

Rossie scoring league (FG% /FT% 3s made/ rebs/ assists/ steals/ blocks/ points)

1st place 400k MT. Second place 200k MT. 3rd place 100k MT. All sponsored by me.

1st place also gets exclusive 2kg forum badge provided by @2KGamer himself!

Will invite previous year players 1st and the ones who applied with interest after league ended with other people applying right after, if you played before and i tag you here let me know if you up to continue with us or had enough :slight_smile:


our champ


Rest of the crew:




Also people who showed interest after our league was done:


Anyone else interested feel free to apply.

To everyone that’s been in before, only re-activated previous year’s league to look to settings etc, new league will be hosted on new entry, so don’t bother with that re-activation :slight_smile:

If i somehow forgot anyone from last year, don’t be shy to appear here :slight_smile:

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Ill play again

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How do I apply? I want this 2kg forum badge :upside_down_face:

I’m in.

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Bassicly just showing interest and having experience (not nessasary, but always a bonus) in fantasy basketball and most importantly willingness to play whole season no matter what.

This applies even moreso for fantasy rookies, a lot of people are very eager to join/play because they either missing basketball so much or just feel like it’s a race to win.

It’s very much so a marathon in our league and once the injuries happen a lot of people drop out and only true ones stay. (we had most people finishing, but had to replace quite few thru out the year as well)

Also drafting good or bad can set you up in one or other direction, working wiver wire (free agent additions) can help to crawl up no matter what place you’re in.

Theres a lot of twist in roto league (such as pace managment and as mentioned above injuries, free agency additions and also trades).


I’m down to run it back

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I really wanna get in on this

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can i join?

Count me in @Knezius if there is a spot open.

My application right here (injuries destroyed my team last year)

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I’m in

Learned a lot last year, down to run it back for sure

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I’ll give it a pass, thanks though.

Keen my man. Sign me up if there’s a spot :slight_smile:

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I’m down :v:

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Will gonna try to hear till most if not all of the names listed above gonna respond as it’s a slow of season.

We would most likely draft this or next weekend.

To anyone that has applied above, once I got a list from above who played last year I will start filling rest of the spots and will contact yall via pm.

Make sure you got basic understanding of ESPN basketball fantasy and roto league’s and settings as a whole.

Feel free to join other, standard, basic leagues to experiment with draft/getting familiar.

This will be quite competitive so if you haven’t played before at least you would have some sort of feeling of what’s to come.

@trala7 @ACMRmuki you’re both in.


As per above I will consider anyone who shows interest here and will contact you via pm to see where you at experience vise and etc to fill rest of the spots.

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Sure, I am in. Thank you

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Let me know when we’re drafting bc I’ll be away all day this Saturday

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