2KG WeekKing League Matchups

Everyone ready for week 2? :smiling_imp:

This week firstly we have the busy dudes that couldn’t make it last weekend but since they were the only ones that wanted to play last weekend… they are getting a chance this weekend for the ps5 crown.

@UnbeatableJacob vs. @BecauseTK

After last weekend’s very anticipated battle, we have a rematch from last weekend, some hungry for revenge :drooling_face: some confident in their crowns :crown: . You already know who thesr Gs are…

@YOSEMITE_HAM vs. @RodSquad

After his victory last weekend in the week king tourney, claiming his crown, man was hungry even more, and it’s only fitting for a king to be a champ, went out and crowned himself the xbox champion taking the tourney without a single L. But this weekend the challenge gets tougher, and what better challenge is there than a dude with an MJ pfp… and the mentality…

@Fokus_XG vs. @EarvGotti

Last but definitely not least, the returning challenger to 2kg tourneys, maybe you guys will recongize him by the twitch stream link… taking on the man that speaks for his money (and crown) and the dude I really enjoyed watching play on stream last weekend…

@jc9288 vs. @Carlo221

sorry if these intros made you cringe your eyes out, I just had some inspiration in me lol

Let’s get it kings :crown::crown::crown::crown:


Let’s get ready to RUMBLEEEEEEEE


Lol loved the intros


Now tou gotta host the games @ACMRmuki I will not accept anything less

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Find the best times that work for you guys and let us know, the main request is they have to be finished by the end of the weekend.

@OGxSuave I’ll work on my lines for next weekend

Haha great job @ACMRmuki

Before tipoff I want a full on Paul Hayman intro, “THE REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNIVERSAL CHAMPION OF THE WORLD”


And now, the challenger…
from west newbury, massachusetts
weighing in at one point five million mt…



Bring all the smoke

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I’m not gonna lie tho you might have to stream this one lol last time that shit messed up my connection at the end

I’ve never streamed and don’t even know how to stream lol

No cap it’s pretty easy g

You wanna play Sunday tho?

For sure Sunday sounds good

Don’t stream just record it later

@Carlo221 LMK if you’re free Saturday to play. I can do Sunday too, but might be out in the morning/afternoon.

anyway to qualify for this tourney for next week or afterward if its on current XB?

@EarvGotti I’m available pretty much all weekend, so just lmk whenever works and I’m sure we can schedule something.

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@jc9288 and @Carlo221 matchup tentatively scheduled for 5pm EST Saturday

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How can I participate to a week-end league in the future ?

The PS5 matchup will start in an hour