2KG WeekKing League Matchups - BigDan8 vs StrikerViking 👑

We’re back this week with more WeekKing heat! :fire:

We got our 8 competitors ready to take the 4 crowns :crown: :crown: :crown: :crown::

@Awanz vs @Will10

@StrikerViking vs @BigDan8

@Carlo221 vs @NYCDaFuture

XBOX Next Gen:
@Fokus_XG vs @raptorsbenchmob

Games should be played until the end of the weekend and streamed.

Good luck to you all and let the best King win :crown:

Check out our new: 2KG WeekKing Standings


Now I just gotta find somebody who will let me use their account since I don’t bother improving my own team. If anybody is interested in letting me use their PS5 account for the games, message me and let me know what cards you have.

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dang imma be playing against a god squad ?? Sheesh :rofl::rofl:

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Lmk what time works best for u @Carlo221 either tomorrow night or anytime on sunday but lmk…

@Will10 Sunday sound good to you?

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As far as streaming goes, would it be alright for me to stream at 360p or 540p? I don’t have the best upload speed in the world and streaming in HD would cause me to lag most likely.

Edit - Well, looks like PS5 forces you to stream at 720p 30 FPS and up. Is there any way I could get by with no streaming considering I’d be lagging a bit streaming in HD? I’m sure Striker will be streaming and has a better connection so at least one of us would be streaming.

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What is this? I’d like to get on xb next Gen action if possible

I think you can video it

@2KGamer let me know only one person has to stream and thankfully @StrikerViking will be streaming.

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Alright guys come join in if y’all want, I just barely started streaming so I don’t have legit no sound or anything, that being said let’s get this thing going


Yea just all depends on the times bro that’s all. Got a tourney throughout the afternoon, so it’ll have to be at night

Well I can’t do that, fuck man lmao we always have opposite schedules!
Hmmm, what’s your schedule tomorrow again?

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Ggs @BigDan8 , never played a zone like that but now I know what to work on :sunglasses:

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Gg’s @StrikerViking! Very much enjoyed playing against you and looking forward to more in the future. Hopefully I won’t be lagging much next time lol.

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Same here broski, now I know why you didn’t want to stream :rofl:

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GG @StrikerViking , @BigDan8! You both are amazing.

For those of you who missed the game, check out the replay video above. Also, take a look at our current 2KG WeekKing Standings for updated stats.


@Fokus_XG @raptorsbenchmob @Carlo221 @NYCDaFuture when you guys playing?



Plan is to play tonight when Raps gets on stream.


Should be on around 1/2 am

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