2KG HOF/Not a flex

I think we should do a little something for the top guys on here as an appreciation for the OGs. Maybe a little title under their name that says 2KG HOF or an icon. I looked at the top 10 rankings and this is who they are. I'm excluding mods, just counting regular users. It's a bit controversial after I checked tho lol. And I think once you're in the top 10 you should be in permanently even if someone else passes you and earns HOF status too. Kinda corny or good idea? lol

@thegodfather (lol)
@Ryan (is he still active?)
@thesnowman (lol)


Guess I’ll be 2nd ballot :confused:


Not a bad idea lol

And anyones title can be removed if theyre suspended/banned. i know it wont stop certain ppl tho

this is a really good idea so show how long people have been around for but this will definetly not go over well with some haha

even just to show who came over at the merger

Not everyone should get it at first and I’m sure they can earn it by being a positive influence over time. Maybe expand it to top 20, 30 etc. Theres 1200 of us on here

@element MUST be included.


Hes up there, really close

official second ballot lol

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@EarvGotti too


It felt weird not seeing certain ppl but I just went for the top 10 and excluded mods like @DEG even tho hes a newer mod

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Just checked the list and I didn’t realize how many comments everyone has. Nearly everyone is over 3k and I’m half that, need to get my comments up lol

There can be different ways in too. Do championships like they’ve been and incude them in too or do 16 man grand prix tourneys for a prize and include them. idk im just shooting from the hip on this one

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nowwwww. Did i die ?

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Haha you were up there. Thats why I said champs or tourney winners should be included, you’re good enough to win either

I’m a peasant


Maybe a top 25? Idk i knew it might not be the best idea

I fuck with it. Even if some others dont think i deserve it yet

I like it. This way I know who to suck up to :kissing_closed_eyes:


I mean i got dropped off by @YuBuuBuu last night big time haha. But ive been such a big contributor to this website that my girlfriend hates the 2kgamer logo LOL