2KG Hall of Fame

Here are the stats:

  1. :heart: received / posts created ?
  2. :heart: given / posts read ?
  3. Total badges (details if more than 1+)
  4. Total read time

Let’s have some fun excluding the real game :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Mine are:

  1. 0,617
  2. 0,015
  3. 24 badges total. (14 nice reply, 4 popular link)
  4. 16d
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  1. 0,326
  2. 0,010
  3. 21 badges (nice reply and popular link twice)
  4. 5d

And most liked: @Ddrop 75, then @DaNali 35 :joy:

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I think the ratio of likes received / total replies counts as well, including the ratio of likes received tonwither total likes given or visit time.

Total likes received: 2.2K
Total likes given: 795
Total replies: 4.2K
Posts viewed: 4.3K
Total days visited: 161 days
Total time read: 11 days

  1. 0.5238
  2. 0.033

Nice replies: 3
Popular links: 8
“Gives Back”

Don’t copy paste, make the stats you lazy bitch !

I’m first ballot unanimous you crazy Euro! My total career is shorter than most of yours, but I was efficient when it most counted and had other accolades / achievements on this site.

So you are basically a Drazen Petrovic :sunglasses: reveal your inner Euro !

I’m honored :muscle:

I’d like to think of myself more as a Jordan-type :wink:

  1. 0,352
  2. 0,008
  3. 17 badges (too much, they are all different)
  4. 5 days

Deandre Jordan it is :grimacing: unless u’re not coming back with rings.

Now I get why you’re always there posting :joy:

Post scorer here :grin:

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I’ll try and put up my proper stats soon but just looking through my profile I think I have an admirer…!

@dna2K don’t worry the feeling is mutual!

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  1. 0.817 (leading the league so far, who saw that coming😂)
  2. 0.003 (I need to give more likes)
  3. 19 (5 nice replies)
  4. 3 days

HOF worthy career thus far

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Scoring or shooting % Goat :smiley:

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Based on reactions I get I feel like the majority of posters here either really like me, or really hate me. There is no middle ground lol

That makes you Kobe Bryant (also considering low assists rate lmao)

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Lmao holy shit

This is the lamest dick measuring contest I’ve ever seen.


Are we doing from the base or from the balls?