2KG Great Debate: (OFF TOPIC EDITION) What’s a simp to you?

With us living in the social media era a term has became very popular.


Meaning: The word simp is meant to troll young men for doing anything for a girl to get some action he supposedly deserves.

Now, no cap I was definitely a simp back in high school (I’m 24 about to hit 25 soon now), but I think that was more so cause I wanted my dribble stick to get spammed with combos. Now that I’m older and been in a long relationship I look back and realize all that extra shit was not needed.

I think it’s levels to it though. What y’all think?

Let us discuss

( keep it civil)

To me its a young man that allows himself to get screwed over because he has no confidence etc

People who buy onlyfans and donate to titty streamers for attention.

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Anyone that’s not on 2k gamer is a simp.



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Men who’ll do anything for a woman, just cuz she a woman. Aka disrespecting yourself and your pride just at the chance of gaining a womans attention.


Robbie = Simp

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I originally thought a simp was short for simpleton aka dumbass



A simp is dudes that get tricked by women

Putting women on a pedestal like u got nothing else in life


Pretty much most guys


My religion thread got closed but necessary threads like these dont


It seems this cultural phenomenon has built its own ecosystem

Guy likes a girl, does anything for her. Guy gets labelled a simp by peers. Girl realized that guys will do anything for attention, gets addicted to dopamines released by that need. Girl becomes a thot.

Thots need simp to survive. Simp needs thot because

From my generation it was a guy who didn’t have balls. Let women walk all over him and would do anything they asked. This is without getting any.

Bruh we need 2k21 to drop lmao.

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It was originally, I was hella confused when they switched up the meaning.

Anybody paying for onlyfans idc. But I respect the hustle

Makes more sense originally

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Most of us in high school/early 20s. We all know we used to just deal with whatever girls wanted to get our dicks wet.

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