2KG great debate #3 is equalizer really a thing?

Or is it really in our head? Do we expect our cards to hit every shot every game because of the ratings? Great players and teams have bad games too. Do we believe 2k wants us to buy better cards,because clearly they can’t be good enough if we’re losing to a team full of emerald cards? Is that why we use the low overall squads to finnese our way to 12-0 and get those cards that…will well not perform because it’s a card going for 5k that’s does the same thing?

Let’s Talk About It

I think it’s in the game, when you miss 4 straight wide open 3’s when you have full white bars and your player has a 90+ open 3, that’s EQ. Also when you got a guy like Mark Eaton getting out rebounded by Steph Curry, that’s EQ


I don’t think it’s just shooting but other aspects of the game too like rebounding, turnovers, CPU players doing stupid things like running out of bounds or getting bad calls. I had a game where it was close and at the end, cpu stood in paint for two 3 seconds calls to end the game and another game where I was getting illegal screens in the 4th 3 times in 2 minutes


Its in the game to a degree. 4qtr is fair game. Momentum is no joke,its good to learn when to timeout


So would you say equalizer or would you say basketball is a game of runs? Teams go hot and cold.

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I feel that they choose your runs for you. Ypu can flip momentum with a steal and dunk but in 2k they will make you bobble the ball or blow the dunk

Once you get much better team then most your opponents its GG. Gotta play opponent AND fixed game.

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I dont know, i may be in the minority here but i don’t think EQ exists this year. My team is 97 overall and across the board(OFF and DEF) and i’ve just been blowing out teams left and right in MTU. Especially if they are rated low.

I’m talking 20+ point blowouts on the regular. So idk man. The games that i’ve lost i can definitely point to things that “I” did to blow the game…or things that my opponent just did better.

I don’t think EQ exists this year. There is momentum and thats what timeouts are for.


I think that’s a big factor. We see all this bullshit going down and don’t call a timeout. Let a team go on a small run in real life and watch how quick a timeout gets called.

I, nor my team is good enough to feel it if it does exist…but i thought they said shooting was 100% timing based this year?

When playing cpu if i have a slow start the game is much more difficult than if i start well. Is it not more likely momentum is a factor instead of 2k interfeering?

I 100% believe it is in the game. One of the most subtle ways it shows up is teammate AI. Your players will start leaving their man, running out of bounds, not rebounding, turning over the ball, etc… All things you can’t control. They essentially ignore your coach settings.

Then there’s the typical missing wide open layups or even dunks.


I love when your on a fastbreak and all of a sudden you throw down a rim rattling spine tingler even tho you have gold posterizer. Great stuff that is

Yes it is a thing, literally openly discussed by the gaming companies in their business strategy under “player engagement”. No need to question it existence…just the best ways to deal with it.

This is 2Kx debate 2006.

I played a game last night where EVERYTHING went wrong. My ai players committed 4 straight reach in fouls on the inbound with conservative defensive settings. My opponent had 20 2nd half fouls, 12 in the 4th quarter.

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Lol some games, dude made every 3, and then i missed every 3, whats worse mine were all wide open, his were half contested, i dont game many games like that, but sometimes stuff is sureal.

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I lock someone ass down, he shoots nearly halfcourt heave, ball bounces at TD’s feet and he refuses to grab, so Cousins says fuck it Grabs it, dunks all over Duncan, i run fast break, i am way ahead, dude somehow manages to chace me down and poke the ball out of bounds and etc etc, dude shot like 70% on 3’s ,i could go on and go, some games you get locked down by EQ pretty badly.

I don’t think the EQ is as heavy as last year yet, but it’s totally there. For example, I was playing a dude a couple days ago that I could tell was decent at the game… taking smart shots, had a well put together lineup, etc. Dude was missing everything… it got to the point I wasn’t even contesting his shots, just crashing the boards with the man guarding his shooter. I think I went 60%+ from 3. It had nothing to do with momentum. I felt bad for the dude because I knew he was probably going for his 12th win, and 2k was like, “No PD for you today! Buy some VC soon.”

But, I also did that ridiculous EQ test last year, and I found usually the more skilled player won the game by harnessing momentum, but the EQ was 1,000% there. It’s the same this year.

I’m willing to deal with the shooting streaks part of equalizer…at least in real life teams do seem to go through periods of hot and cold streaks. But to suddenly be running out of bounds, unable to move laterally and have to move around as if in quicksand is just the worst…makes me even more angry because i know most of my opponents have no appreciation for what is happening and would deny it even if i told them. At least if theyre making contested shots and im missing wide open shots…I know im not doing anythign wrong.


This is from early-ish 2k18, so not all applies now in 2k19… but here’s that old thread with the equalizer test I did. Maybe it will help some new players out.


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