2KG Fantasy Hoops league?

2KG Fantasy Hoops league?

Is there one already?

Would love a good competitive league maybe with a small buy-in, would be great to stay connected to some of y’all especially if I’m not playing 2K20

Just wondering if it exists, if not what is the interest level and what format should it be? I don’t mind being commish!


I’m downnnnnnn

I’m down… there was one yahoo league last year with 2kg members.

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I’d be in

I’m in

Yah I’d be down with a bit of a buy to make peeps actually stay involved

Sign me up

I’d play. $20 buy in or something like that to keep it interesting would be fun

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Yeah last year’s 2KGamer league was fun. I’d be in, but i might not be able to do $$ - could do MT tho

Im interested if you have a spot. Would it be Yahoo or ESPN?

I’m down. I joined last season.

I would be down to join.

I’ll do it. Winner gets a badge or something

I’m in for sure

Yeah for sure - count me in

Last year hideJKIDDhidedwight won https://archive.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/2018/159724


count me in if on espn

If people still want to make a league it should be done pretty soon


I would be down to play.

Is anyone interested in playing for money?

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I’ll set one up if that’s cool, just send me a DM if you wanna join