2KG Custom Uniforms/Courts Showcase Contest: September '19

2KG Custom Uniforms/Courts Showcase Contest: September '19

Announcing a new thread/contest here on 2KGamer.com: Custom Unis/Courts Showcase!

This month, we will be awarding a $10 prize to two different winners:

1. “2KG Division”: Best 2KGamer-Themed Uniforms/Court

  • In order to qualify, the uniforms/court must be themed as if the team is “2KGamer.”
  • Of course you can use our existing graphics/font/style/etc. but you also can completely re-brand 2KGamer within how you brand your team as “2KGamer.”

2. “Open Division”: Your Choice in Theme Uniforms/Court

  • You have total freedom as to how you theme/brand your team/uniforms/court. So it could be a re-brand of an NBA team, could be your own fictional team, could be anything.
  • But, in order to qualify, still needs to have 2KGamer branding on the uniforms/court…as if 2KGamer is a sponsor/partner/etc. On both uniforms and court.

How to Enter

  • Post a reply in this thread that includes images of your custom uniforms and court.
  • Each entry must include:
    • 1 Front and 1 Back image of the Home and Road Uniforms from the design screens (4 total).
    • 1 image of the Court (1 total).
    • (Additional in-game “action shots” can be included as well. But please limit this to an additional 5 images, at most.)
  • The images used must be screencaps.
    • Phone pictures of screens, or other sub-optimal images will disqualify entries from contention.
    • But you can still “enter” and show off your work with phone pics, if you like.
  • Post your entry by September 27, 2019, 11:59pm PST.

Determining the Winners

  • Once the entry period closes, site mods will determine a short list of top contenders for each of the two categories.
  • A new Topic will be posted to highlight the designs of the top contender entries.
  • Winner of each division will receive a $10 prize, courtesy of @2KGamer.
  • The final winner for each category will be determined by a public vote.
    • Final winners will be showcased in a separate Topic that shows off their designs with in-game action shots, video, etc.

Additional Rules

  • To actually officially be named the winner in a division, and receive the prize, you will need to supply some additional action photos, if you didn’t already include these. You can present a really comprehensive package in your Winner Showcase.
  • If you use graphics that were not created by you, then you must provide links to credit the original designer.
    • Exception for using graphics associated with really well-known brands for which the provenance is obvious.
    • The point is that you can win by putting together the design work of others into a uniforms/court package, but if your package includes the really cool design work of someone else, then that should be clear.
  • Winners can enter future contests and contend in them, but new entry must be very substantially different from the old, winning entry.
  • Your design must be viable in the game, i.e. must pass 2K “indecency” filters, as well as comply with our site guidelines on content.
  • You must be a member to enter. I.e. you must post your own entry.
    • You can vote for yourself. Once. (Remember, we have a one-account-per-person rule on this site.)
  • Mods are disqualified from contending, but may “enter”/showcase their work.

Additional Resources

  • For creating screencaps for upload, at least on PS4, I think the easiest thing to do is:
    • You create a different PSN account other than your primary.
    • Capture screencaps in the game, on your console, and then send them as attachments to your alternate PSN account.
    • Log into that PSN account on a computer or the PSN mobile app, and save the attached images for upload to an entry here.
  • Of course, you can also do this by moving screencaps from console to USB drive and then attach that to some other device for upload here.
  • For our “standard/official” 2KGamer graphics package, and for a guide to uploading images to access in the game, look here:

1992 All Stars (Open Division)




A few bonus shots with the All Star Game MVP himself, Magic Johnson:


2k20 only?

2KGamer Bullies (Open Division)



Action Pictures:

Reference to the main logo:

(I changed the scheme and what not, changed color, erased extra circle etc…)


Why is Rubio on Magic? :thinking:

It’s just what the cpu chose I guess. Or maybe cause they know Rubio is lockdown.

Brooklyn Bulldogs (Open Division)





Action Shots:





Pretty sure my logo already exists in the world, just downloaded it.


I should’ve specified but need static logo on court for 2KGamer, not just scorekeeper billboard that rotates.

Even I won’t have as much 2KG on court but you’re in Open Division.

2KG division is not just having 2KG branding, but the entire theme being 2KG. I.e. the team is 2KG, not that the team is sponsored by 2KG (or is giving prominent placement to 2KG).

E.g. the team is “The San Francisco 2KGamers.”

At first I was thinking 2K20 only because the principle is that contestants at least plausibly are playing with this branding online and repping 2KG publicly…but that applies to 2K19 too.

So 2K19 is fine too.

I actually set the 2KG logo for all the scorekeeper images so it never changes. I can still add a court logo or two though. Do I need to re-upload the arena image?

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Hm. I didn’t think about that. But while I respect your desire to keep court authentic (and that you’re following the spirit of the req) I’m gonna just make it uniform and strict and require there be on-court branding in one of the 5 slots.

You can just replace the court image by writing your post, yeah?

so can i change my name to Raliegh 2KGamers and change logo, will that do it?

I’m not quite sure what you mean and I’m probably not explaining very well. But the design you posted works great for Open Division. The uniforms are totally Open Div in that it’s for a fictional team “The Bullies” and with it’s own unique logo and they have a sponsorship style patch from 2KGamer and with very prominent 2KG sponsor/marketing placement on home court…but it’s still like a Bullies home court.

As opposed to the team being “The 2KGamers.”

I know I’m not directly answering your question. I don’t mean to be coy. I’m trying to not very specifically tell you on what to do.

I was trying to convey that 2KG division is about “2KGamer” being the team identity. And then you can be creative about colors, fonts, stripes and shapes, logo design, symbols/mascot that somehow would tie in…does that make it any clearer?


That makes sense, does the team have to be the 2kgamers or the 2kgamer ‘somethings’ if you get me. For the 2kgamer division

I guess roughly the point is that the 2KGamer division is about a team identity that is really centered around 2KG branding. But I would like to try to not give hard directives since someone could be creative in a way that I can’t even foresee.

So think of Open for 2KG branding being fairly discrete and 2KG Div being branding that is centered around 2KG.

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Sweet as

i meant if i were to change the name would i be able to be in the 2kgamer division but ill stay in the open one thats cool too

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Fixed the arena.