2KG Champ Series: Ideas/Volunteers?


We’ve already got a small group discussing this. But it makes sense to branch out to include any other members who have good ideas, and especially anyone who will volunteer to help coordinate/administer.

If you would like to help with any competition series that we put together, please indicate that in a reply to this.

Otherwise, this can be an open-ended discussion of possibilities and concerns.

Some random thoughts I’ve had:

  • We probably need to segregate by server region. Lag across oceans is just too much. Even transcontinental matches can have lag that might advantage the host.

  • It would be cool to have a “class” that isn’t unlimited in OVR and maybe not unrestricted in gameplay. I.e. force lower OVR teams so that everyone can afford “best” team and to decrease viability of 3pt spamming.

  • Also would be cool to figure out way to conduct matches on higher difficulty than MyTeam PlayWithFriends.

  • How flexible is it to use custom rosters in a head-to-head online match?

  • Have to figure out how to determine #1 Contender that current Champion is required to defend against. Until we can figure out a system for determining #1 Contender, we’ll probably do a vote.

  • Have to figure out interval/scheduling of the championship defense matches. We’d like to do weekly.

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Mugs recap of “the game”

The one way I could think on getting to play on a higher difficulty if someone was to transfer the ratings of the MyTeam cards to the that card player in MyLeague online create the team there, and have people play like that. Too much set up tho.


That’s what I was afraid of. Afraid because it would require:

  • A custom roster that is constantly maintained to match additions to the MyTeam player catalog. If we had a small circle of meticulous people, we could maybe do this, but I sure as hell don’t have the will to do this.

  • In years past, I actually used to totally customize players I had in heavy rotation in MyTeam, so that I could use them in Practice Plays and Scrimmage. I would match Tendencies and Badging, as well as Ratings. It’s a lot of work to do even a dozen players.

  • Even if we had the roster, it’s kind of a pain to set up an Online MyLeague and do a draft and all that.

So there’s no way to do a head-to-head PvP PlayNow game utilizing a custom roster? Only Online MyLeague?

But if we do PlayNow using default game roster, at least we can adjust to any difficulty level and quarter length?


Yeah only online league you can use Created Roster. Play friends outside of MyTeam you have free customization on the minutes and difficulty. Unless there was some MyTeam draft where players had to draft 10 different players as everyone else there’s no real easy way to go about it.


Yes transferring ratings is way to much and is what stopped us from doing that last year it took almost 2 hrs to do one team. So the best way would be to make a myleague with the two players in it do a fantasy draft so they can both have op teams. Either this or just play PNO and pick a team and play on hof.

Then again you can make a custom roster of the players in the game already and set up like a structure like

1 98-99 ovr
2 94-97 ovr
3 90-93ovr
UNL 89 and Lower


Yeah, unless we have a small circle of guys who will dedicate themselves to maintaining a roster, don’t think it’s doable. There might be someone maniac who has been doing it for this cycle, but there would be no telling if he will keep it up.

So if we wanted to do competitions based on higher difficulty, then it seems our two viable choices are:

  • Default Roster, Existing Teams
  • Default Roster, Custom Draft

To do the latter, with a custom draft, then someone would have to be an Online MyLeague commissioner and set it up for each competition, right? What’s the workload for that like? Is it feasible to demand that be done for each competition?


I think the latter could work it takes like 30 mins, even easier when its only 2 ppl drafting


And along with doing one of the above, we could also do a MyTeam series with people limited to something like 2 Ruby, 2 Sapphire, 2 Emerald, 7 Gold (just for example). And ban cards with HoF badging (for example).

Is this more appealing to promote more sim play, or would it be better to just do something based on using the Default Roster?

My instinct is the latter is better.


30 mins is not too bad. So we can consider this. Make the Challenger do the busywork and Champion has first pick as Champion’s advantage (very slight).

I like the idea of using Default Roster players, with their much more realistic Ratings and Badging. And also ability to use HoF, or even Superstar, difficulty.

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Edit: I forgot you have to wait on the cpu so the best choice is for each person to take a look at all the players in the game via roster and make a team with the structure of
1 98-99 ovr
2 94-97 ovr
3 90-93ovr
UNL 89 and Lower

Then send your “roster” to someone and they put those players on a team, then start a myleague and boom the 2 guys play it out on HOF, since its once a week i dont have a problem with setting up that

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Yeah a forum draft transferred to a custom roster MyLeague for a one on one match seems easiest

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If this were the method, then you would have overlap of players, right? Unless the two guys were “drafting” offline?


If im not mistaken you can put two of the same ppl on different teams in custom roster ill check on it now


I’m not sure what’s involved in this but I would happily help if there’s a few of us doing it.

I’m also happy to organise some friendlies with close countries to do a “lag test” so we know what we’re dealing with.


For those who say they would like to work on this, I’ll keep a running list of volunteers in the first post of the thread.


I did this with my personal team last year. Its ALOT of work man although with quick edit it is easier.

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Okay so it seems like you cant have a dupe of the same exact player on two teams so what would have to happen is a random drawing for who picks first.

The two players then get in a group chat with me, Player one takes a look at the players and tell me who his first pick is , Player 2 does the same. This happens 13-15 times, i record the players each person wants then put them on a team and send that roster to a myleague and start


Just start a myleague with the two ppl and allow them to draft only knock on this is you cant skip cpu drafts so they’d have to sit through that.

both still follow the same lineup structure mentioned above


I like this idea as it let’s someone actually have a Star player or two to shine. Makes using role players stand out more too. Team full of pink diamonds,but you’re still only scoring with the same one or two cards it’s a waste imo.

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See with this method we wouldnt be messing with ratings we’d just be using ALL TIME, CLASSIC, AND REGULAR rosters and pick players from those teams.