2k22 PlayStation Auction House - players for sale

Time to part ways with mine shooting version of Giannis and Durant

PD Giannis with 18 HOF including Blinders, Circus Threes, Limitless, ReboundChaser, DeadEye and Bullet passer for sale. Ends around 7pm pacific
PD Durant (no mask) with 10 HOF - ends about same time 7.30pm


Jesus how much did that Giannis cost ? Or did you put that monster together yourself ? These are the types of cards that can give you a significant advantage over the avg person if you ever thought about playing in qualifiers , just saying

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I added some badges myself:l. But he was still expensive. I think about 1.8 or more

15 minutes left:)

Cool, just curious how much this card sold for ? Did it break 4 million ? Lol since that most expensive card sold so far this year on current gen Xbox is over 4 million for a Giannis with some hofs when he first came out

It sold cheap - about 1.4m. I guess it was bad timing - warriors game and ufc.fight at same time. Anyway i have another 18hof Giannis :))

But going to keep him forever :slight_smile: - hof qfs, downhill, interceptor and catch shoot - to name few :slight_smile:

Lol let me guess, you bought MT? If not , how ? Just how ? Lol you invested around 3 mil between those 2 cards in my estimation , I would pay to know how lol

wasn’t investment :slight_smile: - just decided to go with other cards. I didn’t buy mt this year - not much need - some pack luck (and not so much luck :slight_smile: ), some snipes and so on…

p.s. but some cards I will never put on action :slight_smile: - like 14hofs Klay or badged up Kirilenko :slight_smile:

Speaking of cards I don’t use much - Jimmy with 15hofs and Penny with 8hofs - ends around 8pm pacific.