2K22 Offline PS4/PS5 Services (Domination, TTOffline). Trusted Member (MOD). Vouches Inside!

PS4/PS5 services:

-Full dominations or any number of games
-Full spotlight challenges or only harder ones
-Triple Threat Offline games grind
-Player evolutions
-EXP level grind

We can work out a cheap and good deal.
Accepting even MT pay method.


Bump, 1 giannis done :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

This is going to be long but …

Huge vouch for my guy @ACMRmuki! I was beginning to think that I’d never the PD Giannis, but a few hours after reaching out to this gentleman, I now have him on my squad! I can’t say enough good things about how amazing he was during the process. He communicated with me the entire time and was flexible with the scheduling of it, allowing me to still play on my account in between breaks. His pricing almost too good to be true- in fact, I ended up throwing them a little extra.

Naturally I was very reluctant to allow anyone access to my PS4 account, but my trepidation went out the window, after my initial conversation with him. I highly recommend his services to anyone that might need challenges finished. I’ll be going through him again with the goal of getting Brandon Roy asap.


Back from Germany after 2 months and officially available again for new spotlight sim services for flexible prices that suit both of us…HMU :+1::+1:

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I want to vouch for my guy Muki. I have finals coming up so I don’t have time to get my favorite player Kobe Bean. I have been a somewhat long-time Reddit’er but I couldn’t find any legit people on there offering spotlight sim services. So I found this site, saw Muki’s post and eventually went through with 10+ challenges after he showed me proof of doing challenges for a few other dudes on here. Highly recommend, fast communication and overall just a genuine, trustworthy guy.


1 Gilbert Arenas done
Bump and taking new orders :up::up:

hey mate can you DM me.

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Taking reservations for the new spotlights

My mt selling thread with a few vouches aswell

1 whole larry bird done :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:
Taking new orders :+1:


A+ Communication.
A+ Speed.
Totally reliable.

He has my vouch. Do not hesitate. He got this done perfectly for me.


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Wassup brother man Hmu please my psn is AntMikeJack777

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I sent you a message to your psn and here so check whichever you like bro

Great service 10/10 recommended. Cheap pricing & He got it done super fast and kept in contact the whole way with updates!

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Another satisfied customer :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:
:up: Bump :up:

Big ups to @ACMRmuki for getting the GOAT CHEF CURRY for my squad.

@ACMRmuki is GODLIKE at the grind.


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Thanks for returning my guy!
Another satisfied customer :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:
-Taking new orders-

Bump for my bro :slight_smile:

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You a real one…appreciate you bro !

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:star:This weekend bonus :star:
For every bigger order I do kobe evo as bonus alongside