2k22 Next Gen Worth Buying?

Let’s hear how the game is this year? Is it worth buying for next gen? Or I should I just wait until it’s added to gamepass?

Thanks for the input!

They only add the current gen version to gamepass

I know that was the case for 2k21. Was hoping it would change for 2k22. May have to go buy it! What’s your thoughts so far??

What are you wanting to pick it up for? Myteam, Park, play now?

Short answer. No.

I only picked it up because I didn’t buy 2k21 and I like to have a bball game to play with my mates from time to time.

FIFA 22 and FUT is a far superior sports game/game mode than 2k and MT… if you like football of course.

2k is so terrible and greedy it makes EA look like saints

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So true! This year I switched from 2k21 to FUT22, and I don’t miss 2k at all. My Team Is just a big big scam.

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