2k21 xbx1 Installing as we speak. Are there any vc glitches for this year

As the title states. Was itching to pull the trigger so I did. I got the Mamba Ed and, this year I wanna sell some mt(been a longtime buyer wit rep) and glitch for vc as the plan every year. Bro’s let me know what is the best way to stack up vc via myplayer and stacking mt via myteam.

I dont think so, if you really want to know, search it up on YT, there has to be someone who has a video about it.


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Looked up a video to see what the current “meta” is for VC glitching and found a creator who touted his glitch that produced 100 VC per minute. Feel like it’s more a glitch in the matrix when someone is willing to pay themselves $1.33 per hour to earn VC (using the 450K VC price).


Yeah, buy an Amy Klay and a controller that you can put a script on. Run it all day on TTO. Dribble up court, pass to wing, perfect centered shot, possible rebound, instant second shot off the rebound. There must be 10,000 players running this script on PS4, I get matched against it for 10+ games in a row sometimes. The script must be out there because it’s a widespread issue.

Damn is this, this years glitch?

I miss Ms.V :cry:
she was the realest one


No one has been able to replace her :anguished:

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Its how the bots farm for mT sites, but there’s nothing stopping individuals from doing it the same way.

Edit: I guess being a computer wiz is probably a barrier to entry. This ain’t V, that girl was easy. :frowning: