2K21 - This is the most fun i've had playing DEFENSE in 2 years 🗜

Vol. 2

Blocks, Charges, Steals, Heavy Contests, Bumps, Cutoffs, they gave us all of the tools again on defense finally. This is the most fun i’ve had playing defense since 2K19. Don’t believe the narrative that next-gen is all contact dunks and fading 3’s. Speaking only for My Team gameplay, contact dunks are rare once you have the right badges and your guys are in good position. I do agree that fading 3’s are a little OP and could use a nerf though.

Anyway, this is the squad i’ve been running with in Unlimited lately and it gives my opponents HEADACHES lol.

Complete lockdown squad with world class defenders at every position. Let me tell you about my good friend Bobby. Bobby is like a starved Pitbull waiting to be unleashed. He locks his big manly jaw onto his matchup and doesn’t let go until they cry to mommy. It’s come to the point where I salivate when i see Magic Johnson in my opponents lineup because I know Bobby is gonna send him to the GULAG. Hands down he’s my favorite card in the game right now. Should be on everyone’s lineup to be honest.

The combo of Kidd, Butler and Bobby just shuts down the perimeter. They all can switch matchups if necessary and they all have crazy high defensive tendencies. Giannis is just Giannis and will always be a nightmare on defense. Wilt is a freak of nature. And Walt leads my bench by shutting down the other ballhandler.

I’d love to get Opal Gary Payton but i’m not close to him right now, so Kidd will have to do for the moment. But he’s holding his own so far. Getting a lot of early quits running this lineup because the defensive pressure is just too much lol.

The thing that’s so good about next-gen is that you can play good fundamentally sound defense and keep everything in front of you. Baiting is still good but it’s not absolutely necessary now, and you can really lock up the ballhandler if you choose to on-ball. Getting around picks is better, bumping ballhandlers is better, forcing misses in the paint is better, charges are useful. The only thing i wish they did was made ball pickups more frequent when you hit someone with Gold/HOF Clamps.

Not to ramble but long story short, 2K21 Next Gen defense is really good IMO



Great one my guy!!

Gotta need that Next Gen Gaming :muscle:

I don’t agree but I respect :fist:
You on ps5 ? We need a on ball festival, I love to go against good on ball defenders . It’s rare , it’s really difficult to hold on ball defense, I know on my team it’s easier than pro am ( badges , size etc ) but still … controlling turbo , L2 in the right way requires stick !


Nothing gets me into more of a 2k mood than watching an earv video.

Hype me uppppppppp


I saw the lock emoji and mistook it for the topic being locked and was so curious how bad Earv brutalized someone to necessitate the thread being closed :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah, that’s why i said i can only speak from My Team perspective. I know its harder to play defense on park because of all the space on the court and other things. But in MT with more bodies and good badges defense is really legit. Fading 3’s are still too easy to green but hopefully they fix that soon. If they do fix it, a lot of people really won’t be able to score lol


Same :joy::joy:

Watching this, makes me wanna buy a ps5 and start myteam again, too bad i don’t have that much free time again :cry::cry:

what settings do u use

I mean pro am too , it’s normal ,the player builder have way more restrictions too isn’t like my team cards,
Wasn’t main point but even on next the main problem isn’t actually staying in front ( it’s easier due the new dribble system ) people dislike the fact you can stay on it , and being hit with a contested 3 , a fade or a contact .
But honestly , you play like this from years now I remember that GP video. I like this videos a lot
We need to play some games :fist:

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the game and the way that should be played.

i enjoy watching your vid sir, much more than watching other youtubers with random spaming defense moves


I agree this is the most fun I’ve had playing defense as well only issue like you said on next gen is leaners but everything else A1 loved the video I always watch your vids. Also quick question do you use a defensive coach ? Or is that overkill with already defensive players

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Yeah, defense feels really good on nextgen, at least when grinding offline - haven’t played online too much yet. Been wanting to build my defensive squad, but got to build up mt before that.

Any budget defensive beasts worth mentioning? I’ve been liking Mutombo and pd Iverson thus far.

Thanks. I just use Malone for now to get the extra speed and 3ball. Maybe down the line when all cards are really juiced i’ll switch to a defensive coach

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Tight Offball
Go Over PnR
No Hedge
Screen Help - No Help
Transition Defense - Wall Up

If you have a quick big man you can probably use Catch Hedge instead of No Hedge, but the PnR defense by the bigman isn’t the best. Czar said they are still working to tighten it up and have them play the drive better. I found No Hedge put them in better position to cutoff the drive, but you have to watch the Pick N Pop.


What do you do for stay attached?

No lies detected.

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Who are your favorite options for a budget version of what you got going on here?

Love all your videos man. Defense feels great but it’s so deflating playing solid d the whole shot clock only for them to sprint along the 3 pt line and hit a leaner.

Like you said, take that away and a lot of ppl can’t even score


And that’s why they don’t. We all know 2k just loves to cater to the scrubs. They just want all the money. Nothing else matters.

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