2K21 Preorder Bonuses

In the “additional content/myteam” box, for the current gen mamba edition it says you get 100k vc for the ps4 and 100k vc for the ps5. In the “additional content/myteam” for the next gen mamba edition it just says you get 100k vc. So preordering the next gen standard edition/current gen mamba edition gives you an extra 100k vc? or am I misreading

Pre order current gen Kobe edition


Yeah if you are going to play on ps5 as well pre order Kobe Edition for the current gen you get 100k vc for PS4 and PS5 and the game as well for both consoles.

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Will pre order Kobe,but i dont know will i buy ps5 this year…

So the best way to do it is to preorder the 100 dollar Kobe version of the Xbox marketplace if you are on Xbox?

That’s what I am doing. Digital Preorder Kobe edition on Xbox market place; no tax, and pre-download. Also to Gameshare and have two accounts.