2k21: My Team Madness

This going go be by FAR most competitive, ruthless 2k version, EVER. And there’s a multiple reasons why:

Next Gen: I’ve seen a lot of people skipping 2k20 for various reason, yet many will come back and many that skipped multiple versions of 2k or just starting over will as well, expect the numbers of people playing to be dramatically MORE.

No Park transfer to next gen: People who would generally play park or my player in general gonna play myteam due to no transfer to next gen, some of them will stay over even when next gen is out.

Covid-19 is still there: It still gonna keep people and home and playing games, 2k included.

MT/VC Farmers say hello: expect the prices on premium cards to be extra spicy for this and other mentioned reasons above.

New game modes and feature making cards even MORE expensive: both exchange and limited event going to make certain cards scarce, expensive and just overall experience something different alltogether.

All in all due to combination of things above like amount of people playing, cards being extra expensive
and etc the competitiveness and craziness is going to be ABSOLUTELY next level.


I think the opposite. I think alot of us are tired of the same ol same ol.


It just won’t be the same, even moreso once next gen is out.

Do y’all think the collector level is gonna work the same as previous years now that they have the exchange ? Pretty much giving up cards from your collection for 1 specific card

Alot of people thought this year was trash and might skip it or start later than usual.

uwu baby knezius

I’m personally skipping 2K21 unless they send me the game for free, and even then if it’s not a copy of next-gen I might not even bother


Okay but here me out… Paul Pierce.

That is all.

Ill be playing everyday from launch until 2k22.

Can’t wait!


The game will playable until speed boosting Eddy curry or range extender taco fall show up.

Same. I’m burnt out and couldn’t care less about 21

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I am very excited for the game!
Going No Money Spent and
Playing with my own pace :pray:

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