2K21 Mamba Edition?


Diego bomba!

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10k mt? this gotta be fake lol but it’s gonna be kobe tho

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Details of the possible Mamba Edition!


Diego is amazing


diego que putas haces para saber todo esto tan rapido

I hope the Bryant family is getting some of the proceeds of these sales


I’m currently outta likes, but I like this a lot. I guess I’m preordering 2k21 after all haha

Day 1 :sob: :sob: :sob:

I will caution that a similar leak on Amazon supposedly leaked the PS5 price and was proven to be false

The spelling/grammatical errors in the post make me skeptical. We know this is very likely to happen anyway but I guess I’m inherently distrusting that this is exactly it

Didn’t put him packs but will monetize the fuck outta him with a game edition lmaooo

Bryant family estate better get their cut.

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That’s for sure

3 free packs per week? Looks like odds will be reduced even further.


bruh… 10k mt… you can do nothing with that

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Wait 10k mt? Wasn’t it 50k for 2k20?

yeah it was 50 k for 2k20

Who said that 2k are the ones who created that Amazon listing?

If you aren’t getting physical items then these special editions are always meh. We can buy VC/Packs separate. Even if it’s a deal on VC that has nothing to do with Kobe. Putting a sapphire Kobe card that people will only use for a week as the only Kobe related item is not a great reason for a mamba edition. If you are going to use his name then make it at least good.



I just clicked the link and can tell that its fake 99.99%