2k21 concerns and dumb survey

I have a strong feeling 2k21 will continue to trend in the wrong direction and stoop to Madden like levels. Especially in myleague/gm since those modes dont make money off micros. I took a 2k21 survey that popped up on an email and the survey showed just how lame the suits at the top must be, literally 80 plus percent of the questions had to do with stupid in game shoes and apparel for your mycareer player, these guys only care about how they can make more money off lame micros and will not invest time and money into a mode that doesnt encourage players to spend money. Sports games are in the midst of dying a horrible death for sim heads like me, I was playing myteam recently but I’m done with that moving forward and they’ll only get my 70 bucks potentially if they upgrade myleague and mycareer offline, mycareer should have a seperate non park mode that you can have custom rosters and actually get your player up to legendary attributes, no more of this garbage role player arch type for esports competition forced restrictions, should be able to play out a unicorns career.


They only care about money. Look at how bad the game has become. Obviously, they could care less. They literally put a post out earlier in the year in MyTeam talking about “no more goofy lineups” with guys out of position, and they have three different promos that are literally players out of position.

It’s a scam, man, and they are con artists. The sooner you realize that, the better off you’ll be. They’ll never get another dime of mine.

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