2K21 card art

What do you guys think of the card art so far this year?

The image quality on the players look improved, but overall the card design is yuck imo. They look cluttered.

2K20 had some clunkers too. I bet you they got an employees kid fucking around in photoshop so they dont have to pay anyone to do it

Definitely not that good but Kobe card art I really like


They rarely fail mamba. The one positive each year haha

They haven’t dropped really good themes yet…gotta wait till the real sets start dropping


Yeah good point. The artwork usually gets better with each promo. Makes sense really


It’s ok so far nothing spectacular

Leap year card set from 2k20 was goated.

2k21 has been underwhelming of the actual theme card art.

Clutch promo, just some engine parts in the background…


There not terrible. They all don’t look like there photo shopped into the background lol they seem neat and clean too.
Edit; anything emerald and up looks nice. Gold down looks like cheap LV knock off with the backgrounds

Fuck yeah it was. That was probs my fave from last year too.

It’s mainly the design of these base cards and rewards cards I’m not liking. They all kinda look the same.

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Rewards kinda look sad every year tbh

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clutch is by far the ugliest 2k promo ever. no fucking effort at all.

So far way better than the start of 20. The lights out cards were the worst of all.
Some cards look really bad like the gold markannen.
Jerry West’s pic is bad but the basic card art is good.
I really don’t like when they use the same pic over and over again like Sampson.

Lights out in 20 was way uglier, frostbite too imo.
look at Kareem clutch, the animated background, that’s a nice work.


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I think it’s fine but the image quality on the Jerry West card is a disgrace for a game that grosses over a billion dollars every year

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These 2 promos were first that came to mind for 2K20 haha. They are soooooo damn bad!

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I like how some of the card art is kind of “alive” in a sense.

The 2k21 card art makes them look like 2K17 with the full players shown

And when the lakers win the championship the card art for them will be fire

In 2K31?

What ?