2K20 Wishlist being sent to LD2K & Devs

Shoutout to @Ambish for getting the community’s feedback and putting this together. I agree with basically all of the ideas shown in the video.

I would also love to see team stats being tracked and recorded so we can see how our team has performed over a 12 game run etc. Thoughts on the video or anything else that can be added for 2K20?


I want controller settings to save next year (vibration and skip pass). It can’t be that hard.


Ability to change difficulty on PWF.

Franchise mode where we can use our team.

No more contracts.

Pink Diamond Coaches.

Ability to set our game plan and save it.


I haven’t watched the video so maybe it was mentioned. I’d like to see the previous number of owners on a card and the stats prior similar to FIFA


Defensive matchup quick settings based off



Practice plays option in myteam. Shouldn’t be too hard.
Realistic stats obviously won’t happen.
No more pausing, at all. You have 7 timeouts, you can pause during those. There’s no pause in rec/proam.
Defensive settings presets that you can switch in dpad menu during the game.
Being able to switch shoes and contracts between the cards of a player. For example transferring them from PD to GO Melo.
Being able to choose the inbounder after time out and being able to choose the player who comes for the ball after a made basket.


I disagree that reward cards should be auctionable but I do think they should be able to be dusted for token/MT value.

I would imagine there are some Wilt and Malone owners out there that would love to dust those cards for 400 tokens towards the new rewards

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I think you should be able to unequip shoes and contracts from token/reward cards specifically


park affiliations


Not have the game crash when you match up on MTU and forcing you to remove players from your lineup

If playbook glitch is still back next year… someone at 2k is getting punched.its gonna be a decade with the same glitches… I’d also like them to punish offball defense a bit more.


I’d also like them to punish offball defense a bit more.

They already do. It’s called a drop step

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I wish you all good luck.


pls bring veronica tank u

I dont wanna get trolled by pd coaches lol. But more coaches for sure


Nick Nurse won’t be a Bronze next year. That’s for sure.

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This. Fix the fucking playbook glitch. Absolutely unreal that it hasn’t been addressed yet. Reward on ball defending like it was in 2K17.

And above everything else, please revamp the auction house. It is absolutely awful. Put one hour auctions in. Nobody, and I mean absolutely NOBODY, wants to wait 4 hours. Bidding on a card with 1 minute and 15 seconds left should never result in a “this auction has already ended” prompt. Ridiculous. Increase the buy it now. I know 2K loves to screw everyone out of their MT, but watching your fully badged, diamond contract and shoe card sell for less than a naked one not even 5 minutes apart is simply rage inducing. We should be able to put a price on our own damn cards. Set rewards should be auctionable, so main set pieces aren’t sky high priced and hid behind pay walls.

Contracts simply have to go. It’s gonna be 2020… stop being such assholes regarding this.

Change the tax to 5%. That’s more than enough to keep the auction house from being absolutely flooded, and still enough to skank our MT away as mentioned above.

Remove this god awful off ball press. It makes the game absolutely no fun. (Here’s the hint: if you actually address the unbelievably stupid off ball AI intelligence for once, people wouldn’t have to resort to these cheese dick defensive settings and off ball press.

Find a way to make point guards relevant again. The game is more fun with proper positions.

So… in the end, basically blow this motherfucker up and start all over, and give your loyal and paying customers the basketball game that they deserve.


More offline content. Specifically add more domination or a challenge mode.


Haven’t watched the video yet but I’d like them to take a page out of MUT’s book:

Every week give a weekly challenge where you can play 5 teams that were designed by 5 different users.

Each team will have a unique lineup, unique playbook, unique defensive settings, etc.

You can choose to play that CPU controlled team on Pro, All Star, Superstar, or Hall of Fame

The higher the difficulty and the better you play, the bigger the rewards you get.

This would really liven up the offline content and could make for some big time MT/Token earnings


I want different game modes stats to be separate, so if I use a player in dom it doesn’t effect his tto or mtu stats