2k20 Thoughts at Mid Cycle

What things do you like and dislike now that we’re half way? Keep in mind I don’t play my team, mostly just MLO and PNO.

Overall I give 2k20 a 7.5.

Pros: graphics, player animations and fluidity, attempts at increasing the skill gap, half court defensive AI, game mode variety

Cons: too many badges, superstars are way too OP…especially Giannis, shot contests are too random, fastbreak defensive AI is brutal, jump stop/ hop step is stupidly OP, shooting requires greens to make…rewards timing more than shot selection

Giannis isn’t half as OP as fucking Magic fucking Johnson with 94 SWB

7.5 is way too high imo. 2k19 was maybe an 8 and 20 is so much worse than 19