2K20 Theory for Park

On Wade’s cover it shows some sort of area in Miami, and on AD’s cover it’s in Chicago. Park affiliations back? Are the parks gonna be cities this time, if so, I’m repping Chi Town :loudspeaker:

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If they do that would be sweet. Imagine we can rep one of the 30 teams. I’d love to see them remake the parks to something similar to the cities or something!

I’ve grown to hate park just because people are cowards and act as if it’s some ranked mode and not just random, quick game mode.

If regular park had queue system like the events, it’d be great. Like thi’s it’s just about people dodging and picking their opponents.


The social hierarchy stems from the rank and win loss number.

I just play with friends. If you have a squad, it doesn’t matter who plays on the other team

Yeah, I never dodged a single game.
I can even play solo, no problem.
It’s just that a lot of people dodge, or then some idiot steps on and noone wants to play with him, etc.
Effective playtime is like 30%.
Rec is much better, imo.


Got rep Miami🔥 I’m from Idaho lol, but I have nothing but love for Dwyane and the Heat

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only year i liked park was 2k16…

I was a fan of 2K17. Rivet was lit

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Only reason i didnt is bc my sharpshooter couldnt hit an open 3 to save his life lmao. he had max 3 pt but yet missed so many

I’ve wasted so much time waiting for a game only to have the winners jump off and run like little turds.

I went to the park once this year. It just reminded me how idiotic the matchmaking is. You literally have to wait for 10 minutes to get into a game.

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The whole neighborhood is the most garbage game design concept of all time. The fact that you cant just load into matchmaking with your myplayer and get a game is mind blowing.

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Rip to the theory

It better be more than one neighborhood.

There servers can barely handle 1

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your right there…