2k20 Shoe Boosts

Anyone have a chart of the shoe boosts this year? I know they aren’t very worth it but probably using some on Mitch and Ibaka at least

I put a diamond shoe and contract on all my players I plan to keep longterm.

I don’t have a chart but will make one if enough people are looking for something like that.

I don’t know where people pull diamond shoes from. I open packs all the time and have only pulled one from a diamond consumable pack and never from a regular pack.


Thanks man! Tried searching but couldn’t find it for some reason

Actually just realized I skipped over it thinking it was last year’s for some reason lol

As I was searching to post it, your post popped up. Lol.

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That list isn’t complete. But it’s pretty good !

Shoes are useless this year

Hard to justify any shoe over 20k lol.

On XB1 the shoe market is crashed. SWB and 3pt shoes for < 25k and I copped the Speed + 3pt shoe for Pascal Siakim for 42k. It usually goes for 60+

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Where did these shoes come from? I dont see any locker codes…

TToffline you could win a diamond consumable pack , that’s the only place i saw some i believe


Is there a list for gold shoes too?


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