2k20 or a different game for the next year?

So recently I’ve been playing madden and it’s made my decision on skipping 2k20 way easier, for those who are saying they won’t be buying 20 are you guys gonna invest in a different game that offers a card collecting mode, Enjoy the non video game word? Or just cave and get the game lol

I’m going to keep playing 19 for a minute. Kind of wish I would have copped the show. Madden looks the same as it did 5 years ago and that’s disappointing considering I’ve been away from the game for a while. The content looks great though and 2k would be an easy buy yearly if they replicated the way madden provides content/rewards

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Taking a year off at least to just chill and play some single player games that I’ve been wanting to try out.

Just want to get away from the toxicity that comes with online gaming for a bit.

I haven’t been on for a minute and now I’m just bored. Seems like I’ll cave :confused:

see you in 3 weeks


Just need to see the myteam news before I make my decision.

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All the people that say they wasn’t playing 2k20 when the Myteam blog drops2d9jse

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I’m way to into how rewarding madden is to pick up 2k in a couple weeks unless they completely make it how madden is with all the weekly rewards and ways to make coin rather than how 2k was for me this year did domination in three weeks had every potm first week they came out its kinda depressing looking back on it

Cod modern warfare


I won’t be back.

CoD. Might have to pass on Borderlands 3 which would suck, since its a Take-Two/2K game, and I really don’t want to support them.

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MK11 & Witcher3 work just fine for me. New Star Wars game will also be another sub after November. Red Dead is also another time consuming one i can keep playing.

Even when you see the news, it’ll sound awesome on paper until you realize that Curry can still block Shaq


That’s starting to look pretty awesome, I wonder what the replayability will be like. I know back in the day I played through Knights of the Old Republic like 5 times and it was a very different experience each time


I’m not even a Star Wars guy and that game looks legit

Yeah hoping for at least dark & light paths with proper character development.

anyone that’s not on Madden should hop on the train! FANTASTIC game.

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I’m still gonna play 2k, but that was the only game I really played last year.

I’ve picked up COD4 remastered and Forza 7 in these last few dead weeks. And I’m gonna get the new modern warfare when it comes out.

I’ll probably rotate more this year between COD/Forza/2k. I got burned out earlier than usual this year on 2k.

I haven’t played Forza, or any racing games in years. I forgot how much I loved them. Online racing is unbelievably addicting.

I used to love playing Forza. Horizon 2 was my favorite before I switched to PlayStation. I miss it

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I’ve been playing a lot of ESO lately and it’s been a blast with my brother. Also excited to pick up Borderlands 3 once that comes out.

NBA 2K19 or 20 and COD Modern Warfare will be the bulk of my gaming.