2K20 Neighbor Blog

2K20 Neighbor Blog


wait what am i missing why is it only a paragraph long? :joy:

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“There’s seasons and Frisbee now, that’s all you get and you’ll like it”

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This is cracking me up.

It’s like they got a lead dev to put in major time to do their in-depth blogs…and for MyPark, they got that one intern we always talk about, who is tasked with doing the shit afterthought jobs.

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It’s probably the same dude they made come in on Christmas to yank the PD LeBrons.

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Oh shit we got wind blowing through trees now :open_mouth:

I’m hyped!

“and get a holiday present on December 25”

Like a pink diamond LeBron?

Update you can’t hide rep like i thought before

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Being able to change animations in MyCourt is so overdue. One of the reasons I gave up on MyCareer last year was that it took a full minute to test a different jump shot or post fade, it was ridiculous.

The fact that mike wang says this like he didn’t know Ronnie was speaking about this for weeks is annoying like literally lying to our face and acting like he had no idea his team member was saying this



I know what I’m a spending my next badge upgrade on

Lmao that was the wrong twitter post look again

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Oh I see now either way silver brick wall busted